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24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers 24-hour Catholic funeral services to the Singapore community. They are a professional and transparent one-stop funeral service provider. They help families plan affordable and dignified Catholic funeral ceremonies for their loved ones.

Their funeral directors work with clients to create personalized arrangements. These can be at the deceased’s home, a funeral parlor, HDB void deck, or church. For over 7 years, 24 Filial Funeral Services has helped the community with their unique needs and preferences in Catholic funeral customs and traditions.

Key Takeaways

  • 24-hour Catholic funeral services with compassionate support
  • Transparent and personalized funeral arrangements
  • Experienced in handling diverse Catholic funeral traditions
  • Affordable package options starting from $5088 for a 3-day service1
  • Modernized funeral setup with improved ambiance and amenities2

Understanding Catholic Funeral Traditions

Catholic funerals in Singapore show deep respect for the deceased and believe in the afterlife. At the core, they believe in Purgatory, a place where souls are purified before entering Heaven3.

The Significance of Purgatory

Catholics think the soul goes to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory after death. Purgatory is key in Catholic funerals. It leads to a Mass before the funeral, asking for divine mercy and forgiveness3.

Vigils and Rosary Services

A vigil or rosary service is held the night before the funeral. It lets family and friends say goodbye and pray for the deceased3. The service includes the Rosary, Scripture readings, prayers, and sometimes eulogies3.

The service has three readings: Old Testament, a psalm, and a New Testament reading3. It also includes sprinkling holy water on the casket, symbolizing purification3.

Vigils or wakes can last two to three days, letting people say goodbye4. Flowers like lilies and carnations are used to show remembrance and peace4. Mass cards are also given, showing a donation to the church for a future service4.

Close family members join a funeral procession, with a car taking the casket to the church4. A priest meets the casket, sprinkles it with Holy Water, and says prayers4. The ceremony has a set order of prayers, songs, and blessings, with Holy Communion for Catholics45.

Comprehensive 24 Hour Catholic Funeral Services

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we offer compassionate and detailed 24-hour Catholic funeral services. We work with families to tailor each funeral, from the vigil and Mass to the final committal6.

Pre-Need Funeral Planning

We also provide pre-need funeral planning. This lets people arrange and pay for their own Catholic funeral ahead of time. It makes sure their final wishes are followed and eases the burden on their loved ones during grief7.

Our pre-need services have various packages for different budgets and tastes. For instance, the Roman Catholic Grace Package (3 Days) with tent costs S$4,9996. Without tent, it’s S$4,1996. The Roman Catholic Embrace Package (3 Days) with tent is S$12,8886, and without tent, it’s S$12,0006.

The Roman Catholic Trinity Package (3 Days) with tent is S$22,8886, and without tent, it’s S$22,0006. This package offers a luxurious service.

The length of the wake is crucial, and we offer flexible options. For the Grace Package, adding a day with tent costs S$5006. Without tent, it’s S$2006. The Embrace Package with tent costs S$600 for an extra day6, and without tent, it’s S$2006.

Our services include embalming, casket types, flowers, altar setups, condolence books, and more6. The Embrace Package with tent also covers cremation fees, air coolers, and more6.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we aim to give our Catholic clients top-notch care and respect. Our clear pricing and flexible choices help families plan a funeral that matches their beliefs and traditions8.

Personalized Funeral Arrangements

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, the team of experienced funeral directors knows how important it is to honor the wishes of the deceased and their family. They work hard to make personalized catholic funeral arrangements and customized funeral services for catholics. They make sure these services match the unique religious customs and family wishes of each family. This way, they give a meaningful farewell to the departed and their loved ones9.

The funeral service provider puts a big focus on making things fit the specific needs and likes of each family. They show their commitment with personalized catholic funeral arrangements and customized funeral services for catholics9. You can see this in the many options they offer, like choosing caskets and urns or adding personal items and special prayer cards.

Roman Catholic funerals in Singapore often have a prayer vigil the night before the main service. This gives families a chance to spend time with the deceased, which is a common tradition in the Catholic community9. Burial used to be the main choice, but now cremation is getting more popular in Singapore. This shows how funeral practices are changing because of cultural and religious changes9.

“We understand that each family’s journey is unique, and our goal is to create a funeral experience that truly captures the essence of the individual and their faith. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that every aspect of the service is tailored to their specific needs and desires.”

– Maria Fernandez, Funeral Director at 24 Filial Funeral Services

24 Filial Funeral Services pays close attention to details and personalizes services. This way, families can honor their loved ones in a way that feels true to their Catholic faith and personal tastes9. This focus on personalization brings comfort and closure to the grieving. It also gives a lasting tribute to the life of the person who has passed away.

Funeral Mass and Rites of Committal

The Catholic funeral tradition in Singapore is a special service that honors the deceased and comforts the grieving family. It starts with the Funeral Mass, a sacred ceremony at a Catholic church led by a priest10. This Mass is the heart of Catholic funeral rites11, where the soul is sent to God’s care.

At the Funeral Mass, the priest begins by sprinkling holy water on the casket. This act cleanses the soul and welcomes the deceased into the Christian community11. Incense is used, showing prayers going to heaven and respect for the departed11. A white pall is placed on the casket, symbolizing new life and hope of resurrection11.

The Mass also includes blessings, scripture readings, and Holy Communion10. It’s believed the soul goes to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory after death, based on Catholic faith10. The Mass brings the community together to pray and find comfort in their shared faith.

The Role of the Priest

The priest is key in Catholic funeral services10. They lead the Funeral Mass, giving a homily that comforts and offers wisdom from scripture, reflecting on the deceased’s life12. If families can’t find a priest, they can use volunteer church services for the ceremonies10.

Holy Communion and Final Blessings

The Funeral Mass ends with Holy Communion, symbolizing the deceased’s union with God and the community12. This ritual is deeply meaningful, showing the deceased has joined the faithful in the afterlife.

Then, the Rites of Committal happen at the crematorium or cemetery11. The priest leads the family and friends in a short ceremony, offering final prayers and blessings as they say goodbye11. People often put flowers or soil on the casket as a way to show love and remember the departed121011.

Funeral Etiquette and Customs

When attending a Catholic funeral in Singapore, it’s key to respect the customs and traditions of the bereaved family. These services usually last about 30 minutes to an hour, followed by either burial or cremation13. The way guests dress and behave is crucial in showing respect for the solemn event.

Appropriate Attire and Behavior

Family and close friends often wear formal, dark clothes like black, navy, or brown13. A survey in the Catholic community shows 87% of guests dress modestly in dark colors14. Wearing casual clothes like jeans, hoodies, or t-shirts with slogans is not recommended15.

At the service, people may sit, stand, or kneel. Non-Catholics can get a blessing from the priest but shouldn’t take part in Communion13. A study found 95% of people join in rituals like dipping fingers in holy water and making the sign of the cross14.

Being on time is very important at Catholic funerals. The study showed 92% of guests arrive on time, and only 8% come late14. Also, 88% turn off their phones or silence them to respect the service14.

Guests don’t have to bring anything, but sending flowers to the church or funeral home is common13. Sharing memories of the deceased is also a big part of the service, with 78% of attendees doing so14. After the funeral, 65% of people stay in touch with the grieving family, showing support through notes, meals, or calls14.

By following catholic funeral etiquette, appropriate attire for catholic funerals, and behavior guidelines for catholic funerals, guests can show respect and support to the bereaved family131415.

Funeral Etiquette Aspect Statistic
Attendance in appropriate attire 87% of attendees follow the dress code and attire guidelines
Participation in rituals 95% of attendees engage in practices like dipping fingers in holy water and making the sign of the cross
Punctuality 92% of attendees arrive on time, with only 8% arriving after the scheduled service
Mobile phone usage 88% of attendees turn off or silence their phones during the service
Offering condolences 78% of attendees offer sympathy and share memories of the deceased
Post-funeral support 65% of individuals contact grieving families after the service to offer continued support

“The Vatican’s clarification in 2016 regarding the rules for cremation states that scattering ashes, dividing them, or keeping them at home is not permitted. Instead, ashes should be placed intact in consecrated ground like a cemetery.”15

24 hour catholic funeral service

In Singapore, families needing help for a Catholic funeral can count on 24 hour funeral services. These services offer support any time, day or night, during tough times16.

Catholic funerals in Singapore often include a Vigil Service for up to 7 days. This is followed by a Final Day Memorial Mass before the cremation or burial16. Families can choose from various locations for the wake, like churches, funeral parlors, or HDB void decks16.

Funeral directors at these services are ready 24/7 to help with the funeral process. They guide families from the vigil and Funeral Mass to the final rites and after-care. Their support is both compassionate and professional.

At Catholic funerals, it’s best to wear modest clothes like black, dark grey, navy blue, or brown. Shoulders and knees should be covered16. Priests are key in leading the funeral Mass and last rites, offering spiritual support to the grieving family16.

These services offer various packages for families’ needs. A typical Catholic Funeral in Singapore lasts 3 – 5 days17. The basic package includes the vigil, Funeral Mass, and Rite of Committal17. They also have a “pay as you use” policy for food and drinks, making costs clear and fair17.

With their focus on caring and knowledge of Catholic funeral customs, these services in Singapore help families get the support they need, at any time161718.

Bereavement Support and Grief Counseling

Losing someone close can be very hard. At 24 Hour Catholic Funeral Service, we know how tough grief can be. We offer compassionate support and counseling to help Catholic families during these tough times19.

Our team of caring professionals gives empathetic guidance. They help families deal with their loss and find comfort in Catholic traditions. We offer counseling and support groups for a safe place to share feelings and learn how to cope20.

Everyone grieves differently, and we tailor our support to meet the needs of Catholic families. We arrange spiritual counseling and grief workshops that fit with Catholic beliefs. Our aim is to give the care needed to help families through their grief20.

“The Catholic Church offers a rich tradition of rituals, prayers, and support that can provide great comfort during the grieving process. Our goal is to help families honor their loved one’s memory while also finding ways to heal and move forward.”

We also provide grief support materials, group referrals, and info on Catholic funeral traditions. These include the role of purgatory and the significance of rosary services. Our goal is to offer a full support system for grieving families20.

At 24 Hour Catholic Funeral Service, we promise to support families in their time of loss. Our bereavement support and counseling aim to help them find peace and healing. We guide Catholic families through their grief, helping them honor their loved ones and care for their own well-being19.

Affordable Catholic Funeral Packages

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know how important it is to honor your loved one’s faith and traditions. Our team offers affordable Catholic funeral packages that are both dignified and personalized21.

Our Catholic funeral packages start at SGD 4,188. They give families many options to celebrate their loved one’s life21. With over 20 years of experience, we’re known for our clear prices and caring service. We help you every step of the way21.

Transparent Pricing and Options

Planning a Catholic funeral means clear and simple pricing is key. We work with you to understand what you need and want. This way, you can create a service that honors your loved one’s life and legacy22.

Our packages include important services like the funeral mass and the final goodbye. Families can also pick from different caskets, urns, flowers, and more. Options like video tributes or personalized items are available too22.

Funeral Package Starting Price
Buddhist Funeral Package $5,888
Taoist Funeral Package $8,888
Christian/Roman Catholic/Freethinker Funeral Package $4,999
Direct Cremation Package (Buddhist/Taoist) $1,800
Direct Cremation Package (Christian/Roman Catholic/Freethinker) $1,500
Precious Angel Funeral Package (Buddhist/Taoist) $1,380
Precious Angel Funeral Package (Christian/Roman Catholic/Freethinker) $1,180

We offer clear pricing and many options to ease the financial stress. Our goal is to make your loved one’s goodbye a meaningful and dignified celebration of their life2223.

Call our 24-hour hotline at +65 6817 4288 for help or to plan a Catholic funeral service21. Let us help you honor your loved one’s faith and create a lasting tribute that shows their spirit and values22.

“At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we believe that every life deserves a meaningful and affordable farewell. Our commitment to transparent pricing and personalized service ensures that your loved one’s final journey is a true reflection of their legacy.”

Whether you’re planning ahead or in the middle of arrangements, our team is here for you. We’ll guide you through the process, making sure your Catholic funeral service is comforting and dignified222321.

Respecting Cultural Diversity

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we celebrate the rich diversity in Catholic funeral practices in Singapore. We offer both traditional and simple ceremonies, honoring the unique customs of different Catholic communities24. Our team ensures each service is conducted with great care and respect, comforting the grieving and honoring the deceased.

In Singapore, Catholic funerals are a big part of the funeral industry24. Companies like Ang Brothers Funeral Services provide special Catholic funeral packages. This shows the need for services that fit the religious and cultural needs of the Catholic community24.

The Funeral Mass is key to Catholic funerals, featuring prayers, readings, and hymns24. Symbols like the crucifix, holy water, and Eucharist show the importance of religious rituals in mourning24.

Funeral rites and liturgical celebrations, like the Vigil and Rite of Committal, show the detailed planning for honoring the deceased24. The community’s support to grieving families highlights the value of unity in times of loss24.

We at 24 Filial Funeral Services also value cultural diversity beyond Catholic traditions25. Each funeral tradition has its own customs and practices that deserve respect25. We aim to create a respectful space for all families, considering their unique needs and preferences25.

As the funeral industry in Singapore changes, we balance tradition with personal choices25. Our team works closely with families to find a service that honors the deceased and respects everyone’s beliefs25.

Our service is built on a deep respect for the diversity within the Catholic community and Singapore’s funeral scene25. By embracing these differences, we aim to make funerals meaningful and comforting for everyone2526.

Funeral Customs Western Eastern African
Attire Black White Varied
Rituals Eulogies Chanting, Meditation Singing, Dancing
Burial Burial or Cremation Cremation Burial

Our commitment to respecting cultural diversity in funerals is strong25. Understanding and accommodating the unique traditions of different communities helps us create meaningful funerals25.

“Embracing cultural diversity in funeral services is not just a professional obligation, but a deep-rooted belief that allows us to connect with families on a profound level, ensuring every farewell is a meaningful and comforting experience.”

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we lead in respecting cultural diversity in Catholic funerals24. Our approach and commitment to honoring our clients’ traditions make us a trusted partner in Singapore’s funeral industry.

Choosing a Reputable Funeral Home

When you lose someone close, picking a funeral home that’s both trustworthy and professional is key. Direct Funeral Services is a top choice in Singapore for Catholic funerals. They’re known for their caring approach and sticking to Catholic traditions27.

In Singapore, funeral costs for a basic Catholic package range from $4,000 to $6,00027. Direct Funeral Services offers a budget-friendly option for $4,999 (excluding GST)27. Their Direct Memorial Hall is near Geylang Bahru MRT, offering comfort and support to those mourning27.

When picking a funeral provider, think about the service length and details. These can greatly affect the cost27. Services like a Mass or Rites of Committal are more detailed and costlier27.

Cost is important, but so is the quality of service. ANG Chin Moh Funeral Undertaker is a family-run business with 5-star reviews for their caring service28. They offer many comforts, like toilet paper and Wi-Fi, to make the grieving process easier28.

The Life Celebrant is another trusted name for Catholic funerals in Singapore29. They handle everything from the first step to the final goodbye, making sure it’s done right29.

Choosing a funeral home that cares and guides you with respect is vital during tough times. A good provider will honor your loved one with dignity and respect Catholic traditions272829.


24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers complete30 24-hour Catholic funeral services for the Singapore community. Their team of skilled and caring funeral directors helps families at every step, from the31 vigil and Funeral Mass to the final rites and after-care. They focus on Catholic traditions, clear pricing, and understanding cultural differences. This approach ensures a respectful and meaningful farewell for the deceased and their mourning families.

The31 Catholic funeral service has three main parts: the Prayer Vigil, the Funeral Mass, and the burial. These services often happen in a Catholic church, a chapel in a Catholic cemetery, or a chapel at a Catholic living facility. The31 Funeral Mass is the heart of the service. It includes prayers, hymns, scripture, a homily, and the Eucharist in a Catholic church.

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore values30 personalized funeral plans and32 full Catholic funeral services tailored to community needs. They offer30 24-hour support and32 flexible scheduling. This way, families can say goodbye in a way that honors their faith and traditions.


What services does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offer for Catholic funerals?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers 24-hour Catholic funeral services. They arrange personalized services for the vigil, Funeral Mass, and committal rites. They also have pre-need planning for individuals to arrange and pay for their funerals ahead of time.

How do Catholic funeral traditions in Singapore differ from other faiths?

Catholic funerals in Singapore include a Funeral Mass and focus on Purgatory. They pray for the departed’s forgiveness. A vigil, or wake, is held the night before the funeral.

What is the role of the priest in a Catholic funeral service?

The priest leads the Funeral Mass. He performs rituals like sprinkling holy water and reciting blessings. He also gives Holy Communion to the people.

What is the appropriate attire and behavior for attending a Catholic funeral in Singapore?

Guests should wear modest, darker clothes to a Catholic funeral. They will move between sitting, standing, and kneeling during the service. Non-Catholics can get blessings but shouldn’t take Communion.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore support grieving families?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers support and grief counseling. They help families during tough times with empathetic guidance. They assist in coping with loss.

What makes 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore a reputable provider of Catholic funeral services?

For over 7 years, 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore has been known for professional, caring, and tailored Catholic funeral services. They respect Catholic traditions and cater to each family’s unique needs.

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