24 Hour Funeral Service Singapore: Always Available

When a loved one passes away, families in Singapore can find comfort with 24 Filial Funeral Services. They offer compassionate support and detailed arrangements around the clock. Their team is ready to help families navigate their grief with care and precision1.

The experts at 24 Filial Funeral Services know how crucial it is to respect the deceased’s beliefs and traditions. They provide tailored services for Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, Roman Catholic, or Secular funerals. This ensures each family’s unique needs are met2.

With more than 60 years in the Singapore funeral industry, 24 Filial Funeral Services is known for its caring, dependable, and budget-friendly services. They’re always there for families, day or night, to help say goodbye with dignity2.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive 24-hour funeral services in Singapore
  • Customizable packages to honor diverse religious and cultural traditions
  • Experienced team of professionals dedicated to personalized care
  • Affordable and transparent pricing options
  • Commitment to supporting families through the grief process

Compassionate 24/7 Funeral Support

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know how hard it is to lose someone close. Our caring team is here 24/7 to help and guide you through tough times3. We aim to help families deal with grief, offering care that makes saying goodbye meaningful and respectful3.

Navigating the Complexities of Grief

It’s tough to lose someone dear. Our funeral directors are here to support you, offering emotional and practical help3. We know everyone grieves differently, so we customize our support to fit each family’s needs3.

Dedicated Professionals, Personalized Care

Our funeral directors are skilled and caring professionals3. They work with families to create a special farewell that reflects the loved one’s wishes and traditions3. We handle everything from dressing the deceased to providing emcees and cleaning, ensuring every detail is taken care of3.

“The team at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore provided exceptional support and guidance during our most difficult time. Their compassionate and personalized approach made all the difference in honoring our loved one’s memory.”

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we’re here for you in your time of need3. With our 24/7 support, care, and personalized attention, we aim to make the funeral process easier and more meaningful for those mourning3.

Seamless End-to-End Arrangements

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers a complete and smooth funeral arrangement process. Their team of experts helps families at every step, from picking the right casket to preparing for burial or cremation4. They make sure all the details are taken care of, so families can focus on mourning.

From Casket Selection to Burial Preparations

The funeral directors at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore know how important it is to give a respectful goodbye. They help families choose the best casket or urn, considering personal likes and cultural traditions5. After making a choice, they handle the rest of the arrangements, making sure everything goes smoothly from the funeral home to the final resting spot.

Service Details
Casket Selection Wide range of caskets and urns available, catering to different budgets and preferences.
Burial Arrangements Coordination with cemeteries and religious institutions for burial services.
Cremation Services Arrangements for cremation and management of ashes according to family’s wishes.

The funeral directors at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore are known for their professionalism and caring way of handling funerals5. Families can be sure their loved one’s final wishes will be honored with great care and attention456.

Honouring Religious and Cultural Traditions

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we deeply value honoring the religious and cultural traditions of our clients7. We make sure the funeral service and arrangements fit the deceased’s and family’s beliefs and customs. This creates a meaningful and personal goodbye.

For those who follow Buddhist traditions, we provide services that focus on compassion and respect7. We help plan funerals or memorial services ahead of time. This way, we make sure their wishes are followed and their traditions are respected7.

For Taoist beliefs, we offer various packages. These include a 3-day, 2-night Taoist funeral package starting at $8,888 (excluding GST)8. Or the Taoist Basic Package (3 Days Wake) for $9,687.92, including 9% GST8. We cover extra costs for food offerings, joss stick papers, Taoist rituals, niches at the NEA columbarium, and stone engraving services. This ensures a complete and meaningful farewell9.

No matter the religious or cultural tradition, our team at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is here to offer personalized care and attention. We make sure the final tribute truly reflects the person’s beliefs and heritage7. We guide families with compassion, empathy, and respect for their unique traditions798.

24 hour funeral service singapore

At Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know losing someone close is hard and emotional. That’s why we offer a 24 hour funeral service. This means families in Singapore can get help any time, day or night10.

Our caring team is always ready to help with the funeral process, from picking a casket to preparing for burial. We know a lot about different cultures and religions, making sure each funeral is special and meaningful11.

Our 24 hour service means you can call us anytime for help, whether it’s last-minute needs or just someone to talk to10.

We offer many services like pre-planning, support after the funeral, and even an online store for easy shopping. We aim to make the funeral experience smooth, caring, and respectful for every family11.

We believe a funeral should celebrate the life of the person who passed away with respect and kindness. We pay attention to every detail, from flowers to the funeral hall setup10.

Our clear and fair prices and custom packages help families plan a funeral that reflects their loved one’s life without breaking the bank12.

No matter the religion, like Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, or others, we can help. We respect and honor the unique traditions and beliefs of Singapore’s diverse community11.

Our 24 hour service is built on professionalism, empathy, and great customer service. We’re here to support you, guide you, and help you honor your loved one with the respect they deserve10.

Funeral Package With Tentage Without Tentage
Taoist Yuan Shi Package (3 Days) S$8,888 S$8,000
Taoist Ling Bao Package (3 Days) S$16,888 S$16,000
Taoist Dao De Package (5 Days) S$28,888 S$28,000

Extra days for the wake cost $500 to $800, depending on the package. Packages include things like embalming, casket types, flowers, altar setups, and procession services12.

At Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we’re here to support families in their time of need. Our 24 hour service shows our commitment to our community, always ready to help111012.

Repatriation Services: Bringing Loved Ones Home

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know how hard it is when a loved one dies abroad. That’s why we offer repatriation services to bring them back home with respect13.

We have a big network of partners worldwide to make the funeral services repatriation smooth. Our 24/7 support team helps you with everything from documents to transport13.

We’re open about our costs, with no hidden fees for repatriation services. Our experts work with you to meet your needs and answer your questions13.

We treat each repatriation with care and respect, knowing it’s important to you. We handle all the paperwork and make sure the body is treated with dignity13.

We keep you updated and supported during the repatriation services process. From arranging flights to giving you daily news, we’re here for you13.

If you need to bring a loved one back, call Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs at +65 6379 8800 for help14.

Registering a death abroad is a must, and rules vary by country14. A skilled funeral director can help with transport, permits, and preparing the body for the return to Singapore14.

When you arrive in Singapore, tell the ICA and Registry of Births & Deaths about the death and show the death certificate from abroad14.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we offer top care and support in tough times. Our repatriation services aim to ease the burden, making sure your loved one comes home with dignity13.

Repatriation Service Offerings Details
24/7 Support Our dedicated team is available round the clock to provide assistance13.
Global Network We operate with an extensive global network to facilitate efficient repatriation processes13.
Transparent Pricing We follow a transparent pricing model with no hidden fees to provide clarity to our clients13.
Personal Consultation We offer personalized consultations to address specific requirements and concerns13.
Documentation Assistance Our team assists in all necessary documentation for compliance with international regulations13.
Oversight of Embalming and Transportation We ensure proper handling of embalming and transportation requirements, preserving the body during transport13.
Air Cargo and Clearances Handling air cargo arrangements and necessary clearances for transporting the deceased13.
Daily Updates Clients are kept well-informed throughout the repatriation funeral service process through daily email updates and a dedicated hotline13.
Cultural Sensitivity We pay attention to cultural nuances to respect and accommodate traditions during repatriation13.

To help you, call Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs at +65 6379 8800 for repatriation support15. Applying for a coffin import permit costs $17.50 at the Port Health Office15. You can also choose a luxury columbarium niche in Singapore, focusing on location, design, and cultural importance15.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we’re here for you in tough times. Our repatriation services team will help you every step of the way, ensuring your loved one comes home with care and respect13.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we offer affordable pricing and clear funeral plans. Our customizable packages meet different needs and budgets. This lets families focus on the emotional side of saying goodbye16.

We have options from $1,588 for direct cremation to full packages. Our Buddhist funeral service packages start at $6,088 for 3 days and $6,588 for 5 days. Taoist funeral services are from $8,088 for 3 days16.

For Roman Catholic or Christian funerals, our prices are $5,088 for 3 days and $5,588 for 5 days. We also have packages for Freethinker and Soka Gakkai funerals, starting at $5,088 for 3 days and $5,588 for 5 days16.

Customizable Packages to Suit Every Need

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we know every family is different. That’s why we have customizable packages. They make sure your loved one’s farewell matches their life and beliefs17.

Our team works with you to make the funeral services fit your wishes. This includes choosing a casket to burial preparations. Whether you want a traditional ceremony or a unique celebration of life, we’re here to help. We do it with empathy and professionalism17.

“The team at 24 Filial Funeral Services was incredibly helpful and transparent throughout the entire process. They took the time to explain every aspect of the arrangements, ensuring we could make informed decisions that honored our loved one’s wishes.” – Phuah Family9

We promise affordable pricing and customizable packages. This lets you focus on the important parts of saying goodbye, not the cost. Trust us to support you during this tough time with compassion and care91617.

Bereavement Support and Grief Counselling

At 24 Hour Funeral Service Singapore, the team knows how grief deeply affects people. They offer compassionate bereavement support to help families through tough times. Their experts provide grief counselling to ease the pain and help families cope.

The funeral home gives bereavement care for free, making it easy for everyone to get help18. Counselling can happen at the funeral home or at home, based on what the client prefers18. You can start getting support at any time, showing how flexible and caring they are.

At 24 Hour Funeral Service Singapore, grief counselors offer personalized support to those mourning a loss18. They aim to offer bereavement care within 3 days, making sure help comes quickly when needed18.

They don’t just offer one-on-one counselling. There are group workshops and support sessions too, for different needs and preferences18. These sessions help families feel connected and give them access to important information about grief.

If you’re feeling suicidal after a loss, call 995, Samaritans of Singapore at 1-767, or WhatsApp 91511767 immediately18. The funeral home knows it’s crucial to get help fast and offers specialized support in these situations.

They also have a publication called “Grief Compass” for those grieving. It offers more information and guidance on dealing with loss18.

The funeral home’s dedication to supporting those in grief shows their full approach to helping families in hard times. They offer many services and resources to help the bereaved find peace, strength, and meaning again181920.

Modern Facilities for Dignity and Comfort

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers modern facilities for a dignified and comforting space during tough times. Their memorial hall is in a central location, making it easy for families and guests to get there21. It has a warm, welcoming feel with all the comforts, perfect for small to mid-sized gatherings to remember the loved one.

Centrally Located Memorial Hall

The funeral home’s memorial hall is easy to reach for everyone21. It has 8 funeral parlour halls, 2 basement carparks, and a mini roof garden, fitting different family sizes and tastes21. There are three types of halls: regular for up to 80 guests, larger for 100 visitors, and combined for 180-200 people21.

Every memorial hall has modern comforts for a smooth and comfy experience21. You’ll find two 26-inch monitors for presentations, sound systems, and a family room with modern amenities for overnight stays21. Hall rental costs range from $1,853 to $4,360, based on size and features21.

“The attention to detail and commitment to creating a serene environment truly made a difficult time more bearable for our family.”

24 Filial Funeral Services is dedicated to offering modern, respectful facilities. They focus on honoring the memory of the deceased and supporting grieving families with compassion and care21.

Testimonials: Families We’ve Served

24 Hour Funeral Service Singapore is proud of the positive feedback from families they’ve helped22. They are known for their compassion, respect, and professionalism. This is seen in the great reviews from clients who chose them to care for their loved ones.

“The team at 24 Hour Funeral Service Singapore provided us with exceptional support and guidance during this difficult time. Their meticulous attention to detail and genuine empathy made the entire process seamless and comforting.” – Gerard Koh22

  • “The funeral director, Hoo Hung Chye, went above and beyond to ensure our cultural and religious traditions were honored with the utmost care and sensitivity.”22
  • “Leslie, Sebastian, and the entire team were incredibly responsive, compassionate, and accommodating to our every request.”22
  • “Han, Gabriel, and the rest of the staff provided emotional support and practical assistance throughout the entire process, from the wake to the cremation.”22

Families are very thankful for the smooth and caring service from 24 Hour Funeral Service Singapore22. They are praised for their detailed planning and sensitivity. This ensures a dignified and meaningful farewell for their loved ones.

“The team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine compassion made a difficult time more bearable. We are forever grateful for their support and dedication.”


Clients love the careful planning and sensitivity of the 24 Hour Funeral Service Singapore team22. They are known for their excellent funeral services. This is shown in the great feedback and recommendations from the families they’ve helped2324.

Commitment to Professionalism and Respect

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is all about professionalism and respect. Their team of compassionate funeral directors treats each farewell with great care and respect. They make sure the deceased and their families are honored with dignity25.

Jeffrey Lee Yi Fu, the founder, has over 20 years of experience in the field. He comes from a long line of undertakers. His deep knowledge and passion for helping families in grief make him a trusted guide25.

Embrace Funeral Services believes in funerals that truly honor the person who has passed away. They focus on the life and impact of the deceased. Each funeral is tailored to the family’s wishes, showing the unique spirit of the person25.

“Embrace Funeral Services aims to provide professional services customized to the desires of the family, highlighting a commitment to professionalism and respect.”

They pay attention to every detail, from clear pricing to smooth arrangements25. The team at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore helps families through the funeral process with care. They make sure the farewell is as dignified and comforting as possible25.

Their motto “embracing families as if our own”25 shows their commitment to caring for families in their time of need. By changing how we view life and death, they aim to spread more empathy and respect in society252627.


24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is known for their 24-hour support and caring approach. They offer complete funeral services, making them a top choice in Singapore. They respect all beliefs, from Catholic funerals that last 2 to 3 hours28 to Buddhist ceremonies that go on for 3 to 7 days29. This shows their deep respect for different cultures.

Their clear pricing and flexible services make them affordable for everyone. They offer modern facilities for a dignified goodbye. The average funeral in Singapore lasts 2 to 3 hours29, giving families enough time for special tributes.

Whether it’s a long Chinese funeral or a quick Muslim service, they focus on professionalism and respect. The average service time is 2 to 3 hours29. They make sure each goodbye is personal and follows the family’s traditions.

In summary, 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is a trusted partner for families in Singapore. They offer 24-hour support and respect all beliefs and cultures. Their caring approach helps families through the tough times of grief and loss.


What makes 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore a reliable provider of 24 hour funeral service?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is known for its top-notch 24 hour funeral service in Singapore. They offer caring support and dependable arrangements for families in mourning. This ensures a respectful goodbye for loved ones, any time, day or night.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore support families during the grieving process?

They understand the emotional impact of losing someone close. Their caring team is always ready to help, offering personalized support and guidance. This ensures a meaningful and dignified farewell.

What services does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore provide for the funeral arrangements?

They offer a complete funeral arrangement process. Their skilled team helps families at every step, from picking the right casket to arranging burials or cremations.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore accommodate diverse religious and cultural traditions?

They respect and honor the many religious and cultural traditions of their clients. The funeral service and arrangements reflect the deceased’s and family’s beliefs and customs, making the farewell special and personal.

What are the benefits of 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore’s 24-hour availability?

Their 24/7 service means families can count on them anytime, day or night. They provide full support and help with all arrangements, ensuring families are well cared for.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore handle repatriation services?

They offer trusted repatriation services to bring loved ones back home, even from abroad. With their global network, they ensure the safe and respectful return of the deceased, giving families peace of mind.

What kind of pricing and packages does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offer?

They focus on clear and fair pricing. They have a variety of packages to fit different needs and budgets, from simple cremation services to more detailed packages.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore provide bereavement support and grief counselling?

They know how crucial support and counselling are during loss. Their caring team offers emotional help and resources to aid families in their grief.

Can you describe the facilities and environment at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore?

Their facilities are designed for comfort and dignity during the funeral service. The memorial hall is modern, warm, and has everything needed for gatherings of all sizes, creating a peaceful space for families.

What kind of positive feedback has 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore received from the families they have served?

Families have shared their positive experiences and praise for the company. Their dedication to compassion, respect, and professionalism is clear in the heartfelt feedback from those who have chosen them to honor their loved ones.

What is 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore’s commitment to professionalism and respect?

Their core values are professionalism and respect. The team of skilled funeral directors treats each farewell with great care and respect. They ensure the deceased and their families are given the dignity they deserve.

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