Buddhist Funeral Package: Compassionate Services

When we lose someone close, finding a funeral service that is caring and respectful is crucial. At 24 Filial Funeral, we know how important it is to honor Buddhist traditions. Our Buddhist funeral package in Singapore starts at $5,980 for a 3-day service and $6,980 for a 5-day service. This lets families say goodbye with great care and respect1.

Our team has over 10 years of experience helping families with the funeral process. We handle everything from encoffining and cremation to placing the ancestral tablet. We’re available 24/7 and have helped over 100 families, known for our honesty, reliability, and kindness1.

Our Buddhist funeral package includes key services like professional embalming and mandai cremation. We also offer chanting by monks, ceremonial items like sandalwood and Sutra blankets, and more. Plus, we provide a funeral flower hearse, a bus for 45 passengers, and a 49-day mourning period for a dignified farewell12.,

Key Takeaways

  • Compassionate and dignified Buddhist funeral services in Singapore
  • Comprehensive package starting from $5,980 for a 3-day service
  • Over 10 years of experience and 100+ customers served
  • 24/7 immediate response and customizable options
  • Emphasis on honoring Buddhist traditions and providing closure for families

Understanding Buddhist Funeral Rituals

In Buddhism, death marks a move to the next life, not the end3. The funeral process helps families and friends say goodbye and find peace3. Monks may chant prayers and sutras to help the soul move on3. These ceremonies show beliefs in karma and reincarnation, and the importance of honoring ancestors.

Buddhist Beliefs About Death and Reincarnation

Buddhism teaches about the endless cycle of life, where our actions in one life affect the next3. This cycle includes six realms, each with its own challenges and lessons3. Believing in rebirth is a key part of Buddhist teachings.

The Significance of Funeral Ceremonies

Funerals connect life and death, showing respect and understanding of impermanence and karma3. They include chanting, the guidance of monks, and sharing merits for the deceased3. A typical funeral has a solemn welcome, eulogies, prayers, and chanting3.

The Buddhist funeral package makes the process smooth and respectful, with prices that are fair4. It shows our deep respect for Buddhist beliefs and the importance of honoring our ancestors.

Buddhist Funeral Package: An Overview

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we offer a detailed and clear Buddhist funeral package. It meets the varied needs of our community. Our services help families plan an affordable and respectful final farewell for their loved ones. This includes all key parts of a Buddhist funeral5.

Our Buddhist funeral packages start at $7,888 for a 3-day service and $8,288 for a 5-day service in Singapore5. These packages are often cheaper than traditional funerals because they have fewer formalities5. In Singapore, the Buddhist tradition usually calls for cremation, but some families might choose burial5.

Our package covers cremation or burial, a casket or urn, setting up a Buddhist altar, having monks or priests, and food and drinks5. We offer clear pricing with no hidden fees, making the process easy and worry-free for our clients6.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we know how important it is to respect Buddhist traditions during the final farewell. Our skilled team helps families at every step, making sure their loved ones get a respectful and significant send-off6.

Package Duration Price
3 Days Buddhist Funeral Package 3 Days Starts from $7,888
5 Days Buddhist Funeral Package 5 Days Starts from $8,288

We also offer many customization options to make the final journey match the deceased and their family’s wishes7. Our flexible planning lets us add things like Sandalwood, Sutra blankets, and other traditional items7.

“At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we believe that a Buddhist funeral should be a meaningful and compassionate experience. Our team is dedicated to guiding families through every step, ensuring a dignified final journey for their loved ones.”

Whether you’re planning a 3-day or a 5-day Buddhist funeral, our one-stop service offers a smooth and budget-friendly way to honor Buddhism’s traditions and customs567.

Key Components of Our Buddhist Funeral Package

Our funeral home offers a detailed Buddhist funeral package. It includes all the key rituals and ceremonies for the deceased’s journey to the Pure Land8. The package covers encoffining or casketing, enlightenment rituals, and funeral day arrangements. It also includes cremation or burial services and the placement of the ancestral tablet8. These elements ensure the deceased is honored with respect and dignity.

Encoffining and Enlightenment Rituals

The encoffining or casketing is a serious ritual where the deceased is placed in the casket8. Our staff then performs enlightenment rituals. These rituals help guide the soul to the Pure Land and the Amitabha Buddha8. They bring comfort and peace to the family as they say goodbye.

Funeral Day Arrangements

On the funeral day, we use a glass hearse and have pall-bearers in formal clothes8. The funeral is held in a place like a funeral parlor or an HDB void deck, set up with tables, chairs, and ceremonial items8. There are also flower arrangements and other items to create a peaceful setting. Mourners come together to pay their respects8.

Cremation or Burial Services

We offer cremation or burial services based on what the family prefers8. Our team makes sure these services are done with great care and respect. We provide ash collection services to honor the deceased8. The package includes booking the cremation, transportation, and other important services.

Ancestral Tablet Placement

We help transport and set up the ancestral tablet at a permanent spot, like the family’s home or a temple8. This way, the deceased’s memory is kept alive and their spirit can be respected by the family for years to come.

Our Buddhist funeral package is made to offer a smooth and meaningful experience for those mourning. It guides them through the rituals and ceremonies that celebrate the deceased’s life and help them on their journey to the Pure Land8.

Customizing Our buddhist funeral package

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know every family has unique needs and wants for Buddhist funeral ceremonies. That’s why our customized packages can be made to fit what the bereaved family needs, with clear and fair prices9.

Our Buddhist funeral packages start at $5,500 for 3 days and $6,000 for 5 days. This covers a wide range of budgets and preferences9. We’ve gained9 awards and praise for our skilled Buddhist funeral services, thanks to over 30 years of experience9.

Our services focus on helping the soul move on to rebirth9. Costs range from $5,000 to $10,000, based on the family’s wishes and how detailed they want it9. We’re ready to customize the services to fit the family’s budget and needs9.

Buddhist funerals in Singapore often last 3-7 days9. Our “pay as you use” policy for food and drinks prevents overcharging for unused items9. We ensure quality with a team of senior citizens checking our Funeral Sanctuary9.

For a full Buddhist funeral package, we offer options from $6,088 nett for 3 days to $6,588 nett for 5 days10. These packages include many services, like preparing the wake and casket, setting up the Buddhist memorial, and providing vegetarian food and the enlightenment service10.

We also offer funeral day arrangements, post-funeral care, and the chance to customize the package for the family’s unique needs and wants10. For those who want the funeral at a parlor, we have a nett package of $4,588 with no time limit10.

At Last Journey Funeral Service, we have a special Buddhist funeral package with many services, like transportation and chanting11. Families can add services like dove release or ash scattering11. We make sure transparent pricing with no hidden costs and work with families to find a package that fits their budget11.

Choosing any package or service, our team at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is here to give a customized, transparent, and compassionate Buddhist funeral experience. We honor your loved one’s memory and support your family in their time of need91011.

The Role of Monks in Buddhist Funerals

Chanting of Sutras and Guiding the Soul

In Singapore, many people follow Buddhism, making Buddhist funerals popular12. Monks are key in these services, leading chants and guiding the soul of the deceased12. The more monks chanting, the more merit is made for the deceased13. This increases the spiritual energy during prayers13.

Chinese Buddhist funerals last for 49 days, the time it takes for the soul to move on14. In the first 7 days, we pick skilled monks to chant sutras and prepare the soul for its next life12. Monks are essential in guiding the funeral rituals and supporting the grieving14.

Some prefer having many monks chant together, showing unity and support13. Chanting purifies the deceased and those attending13. Monks lead the ceremony with chants and prayers, helping the deceased transition to the afterlife14.

The number of monks at a funeral varies by belief, superstition, and budget, with a minimum of one13. Recently, there’s a trend towards simpler funerals with just one monk, but the choice is up to the family13.

Understand the Roleof a Buddhist Monk during a FuneralBuddhist Funeral Monks in SingaporeBuddhist Burial Customs and Practicesin121314

Family Participation in Buddhist Funeral Rituals

In the Buddhist tradition, family involvement is key in the funeral ceremony. It shows the importance of filial piety. The 3-Day Buddhist Funeral Package in15 offers many ways for families to honor the deceased and help those who are grieving.

Offerings and Processions

Before the funeral, families often give flowers or food to the deceased as a sign of respect. Buddhist funerals in Singapore15 also have chanting processions led by monks. These symbolize the deceased moving on to the next life. This shows the family’s dedication to honoring their loved one.

Delivering Eulogies

Family members might give eulogies at the funeral, sharing stories and thoughts about the deceased. Guests at Buddhist funerals15 should be quiet and respectful, following the monks and family. Eulogies help the family honor the deceased and find closure during this tough time.

Buddhist families in Singapore take part in the funeral to show filial piety. They make sure the final rites are done with great care and respect15. Offerings, processions, and eulogies let the family come together to mourn, remember the deceased, and find comfort in these rituals15.

Buddhist Funeral Etiquette for Non-Buddhists

In Singapore, Buddhists, Christians, Taoists, Muslims, and non-religious people live together. It’s key for non-Buddhists to know the right way to act at a Buddhist funeral16. Mahayana Buddhism is the main type of Buddhism here. Funerals are held for those who believed in Buddhism or if the family chose it16.

Attire and Floral Arrangements

Remember, white is the color of mourning in Buddhism, not black17. So, non-Buddhists should wear white and send white flowers to the family17. This is different from the usual black worn at Christian funerals18.

Conduct During Ceremonies

At the funeral, non-Buddhists should be quiet unless they want to chant18. Stand up when the monks do, as a sign of respect18. Giving money to charity is also a good way to honor the dead18. When you go to the casket, bow slightly with your hands together in prayer18.

By knowing and following these rules, non-Buddhists can show respect at a Buddhist funeral161817.

Why Choose Our Buddhist Funeral Services?

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we stand for compassion, respect, and reliability. Our skilled team is here to offer top-notch professional services. We help the soul move on and support the grieving family19.

We have transparent pricing and a one-stop solution to ease families’ burdens. This lets them focus on celebrating their loved one and helping them move on4. Our funeral packages cover the various traditions of Mahayana, Theravada, and Vajrayana schools. We make sure each family’s needs are met with great care19.

Our team takes care of everything from encoffining to the final arrangements and cremation or burial20. By choosing us, you know your loved one will be treated with the respect they deserve. And your family will get the support they need19.


What is included in your Buddhist funeral package?

Our Buddhist funeral package in Singapore starts at ,500 for 3 days and ,000 for 5 days. It includes essential services like a cremation casket, embalming, and monk chanting. The package also covers funeral services and ceremonial items such as sandal wood and Sutra blanket.

How do Buddhist funeral rituals differ from other funeral practices?

Buddhists see death as a step to the next life, not the end. Funerals help families and friends say goodbye and find peace. Monks chant prayers to help the soul move on. The ceremonies focus on karma, reincarnation, and honoring ancestors.

What are the key components of your Buddhist funeral package?

Our package offers encoffining or casketing, enlightenment rituals, and funeral day arrangements. It also includes cremation or burial services and placing an ancestral tablet. These steps ensure the soul is guided and honored as per Buddhist traditions.

Can your Buddhist funeral package be customized?

Yes, at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we cater to each family’s unique needs. We tailor our Buddhist funeral packages to fit the family’s wishes, ensuring clear and fair pricing.

What is the role of monks in a Buddhist funeral?

Monks play a key role in the first 7 days of a Buddhist funeral. They chant sutras to prepare the soul for its next life. This helps guide the deceased’s soul on its journey.

How can non-Buddhists participate in a Buddhist funeral?

Non-Buddhists attending a Buddhist funeral should wear white and send white flowers. They should sit silently during chanting, stand when monks do, and make charitable donations if they wish. It’s also important to bow slightly and fold hands in prayer when approaching the casket.

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