Catholic Funeral Package: Compassionate Services

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know how important it is to honor Catholic traditions when saying goodbye to a loved one. Our Catholic funeral packages offer a dignified and personal way to say goodbye. They make sure the journey of the loved one is celebrated as the Catholic faith suggests1.

We are experts in Catholic rituals and practices. We help families during tough times with great care and understanding. Our funeral directors work with each family to make the service special. They make sure it shows the unique tastes and beliefs of the deceased and their community2.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive Catholic funeral packages designed to honor religious traditions and customs
  • Experienced funeral directors well-versed in Catholic rituals and practices
  • Personalized services that reflect the unique preferences and beliefs of the deceased and their family
  • Compassionate approach to guide families through the bereavement process
  • Attention to detail in every aspect of the funeral arrangements

Understanding Roman Catholic Funeral Traditions

Catholic funerals are very important. They believe in the afterlife and purgatory, which is key3. They think purgatory is a place where souls get purified before going to heaven. This belief leads to the tradition of a Funeral Mass, where prayers ask for God’s mercy for the dead3.

The Significance of Purgatory in Catholic Funeral Customs

Purgatory is a big part of Catholic funerals3. It’s a place where souls get cleaned before they go to heaven. This idea is a big part of how Catholics honor the dead3.

The Role of the Funeral Mass and Holy Communion

A Catholic priest leads the Funeral Mass, a special celebration of life3. It includes Holy Communion, which is bread and wine that stand for Christ’s body and blood3. This ritual is important because it lets the living ask for forgiveness for the dead3.

“The Funeral Mass is a sacred celebration of life eternal, featuring the administration of Holy Communion, the symbolic consumption of consecrated bread and wine representing the body and blood of Christ.”

About 65-75% of Catholic funerals include the Funeral Mass3. After the Mass, the Rite of Committal is done in 20-30% of services3.

During the Funeral Mass and other rituals, special items like Holy Water and the Paschal Candle are used3. Holy Water is sprinkled, the Paschal Candle lights up, and certain scriptures are read3. The “Eternal Rest” prayer is said in most services3.

In Singapore, Catholic funerals often have a gathering after the funeral3. About 70-80% of the time, there’s a community event for the family34.

Catholic Funeral Rituals and Ceremonies in Singapore

In Singapore, Catholic funerals follow ancient traditions that honor the departed and comfort the grieving family5. The package for a Catholic funeral starts at SGD 4,1885. It includes various ceremonies over several days, each with deep spiritual meaning.

The Vigil Service: A Time for Prayer and Reflection

The vigil service, or wake, is the first step in the funeral process. Here, family and friends come together to pray, share stories, and remember the deceased6. This service can last up to 7 days6, giving everyone time to say goodbye and support each other.

The Funeral Mass: A Sacred Celebration of Life Eternal

The Funeral Mass marks the end of the Catholic funeral in Singapore. The priest gives a sermon, leads the Mass, and gives Holy Communion5. The casket is covered with a white pall, symbolizing the deceased’s baptism and new life in Christ7. The Mass ends with a final blessing, connecting the Church on Earth with Heaven7.

Modern touches like wishing trees and memory books are now part of Catholic funerals in Singapore5. Yet, the core elements like the vigil, Mass, and committal remain unchanged7. They keep the funeral’s sanctity and solemnity5.

“The Catholic funeral in Singapore is a profound celebration of life, death, and the promise of eternal life in Christ. It is a time for the community to come together, pray, and find comfort in the timeless traditions of the faith.”

Funeral services like those from Memorial Funeral Specialist, with 20 years of experience7, ensure every ritual is followed carefully. They help families say goodbye in a meaningful and personal way5.

Respecting Catholic Funeral Etiquette and Decorum

When you go to a Catholic funeral in Singapore, it’s key to follow the customs and traditions that matter to the family8. People usually wear modest, darker colors, like black, white, or dark blue8. Avoid bright colors like red, yellow, and brown because they symbolize joy, happiness, and decay9.

Appropriate Attire and Conduct for Catholic Funerals

Men should wear a suit and a conservative tie to a Catholic funeral10. Some families might ask for “no black,” showing a move away from the usual all-black attire10. In Singapore, it’s okay to wear casual clothes like a simple shirt and jeans, especially in white, black, or grey9.

At the service, you might sit, stand, or kneel. Non-Catholics can get blessings but should not take Communion8. It’s common to view the deceased and spend a moment in quiet prayer10.

Expressing Condolences and Sharing Memories

You can show sympathy by giving condolence money, presenting sympathy stands, or leaving messages in memory books or wishing trees8. Saying something personal like “I’m sorry for your loss” can be very comforting10.

It’s important to be sincere with the bereaved family at a funeral wake8. Writing your name in the register book helps the family remember who came10. Giving flowers, making a donation, or a memorial gift shows you care and support10.

Being respectful, empathetic, and aware of the cultural and religious customs is key to showing true sympathy8. Remember to turn off your cellphone to keep the funeral respectful and solemn1089.

Catholic Funeral Package: Compassionate Services

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know how important Catholic funeral traditions are. We offer a catholic funeral package singapore to help you and your family say goodbye with respect and care11.

Our team of caring funeral directors works with you to make sure the funeral meets Catholic standards. We handle everything from the vigil service to the funeral Mass and rites of committal. We aim to make the experience comforting for you and your family11.

Our funeral services catholic singapore focus on honoring Catholic traditions and the deceased’s faith. We customize services like embalming, casketing, and memorial setups to fit your needs11.

We don’t stop supporting you after the funeral. We help with post-funeral tasks, like the month’s mind Mass and anniversary observances11.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we see a Catholic funeral as a celebration of life. With our expertise and commitment to you, we ensure your loved one’s final journey is honored11.

Choosing the Right Funeral Home for Catholic Services

When picking a funeral home for Catholic services in Singapore, it’s key to find one that respects Catholic traditions12. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is known for its experience in handling Catholic funerals with great respect13. Our team will listen to what you need and help you every step of the way, from planning to the final goodbye.

Experience in Upholding Catholic Traditions and Customs

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we take Catholic funeral traditions seriously. Our team knows all about the Catholic funeral rites, making sure every detail is right14. We work with local Catholic churches to offer a service that honors the deceased in a dignified way.

Personalized Support and Guidance Throughout the Process

Planning a funeral can be tough, especially when you’re grieving. At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we offer support and guidance to our clients13. We make sure the funeral service, from choosing caskets to planning the vigil and mass, matches your wishes and Catholic traditions.

Choosing 24 Filial Funeral Services means your loved one’s Catholic funeral will be a special tribute to their life, handled with great care121314.

Tailoring the Catholic Funeral Package to Your Needs

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know every family is different. That’s why we customize our15 Catholic funeral packages to fit your needs. Our team works with you to make sure the vigil, funeral Mass, and committal reflect the wishes of the deceased and their loved ones15. We aim to make the experience comforting and meaningful during tough times.

Families have many religious and cultural traditions for16 funeral services. Our15 personalized Catholic funeral services respect these traditions. We help choose the casket, urn, and arrange the funeral wake and memorial hall to honor your loved one16.

We’re proud of our17 7 years of experience in compassionate and personalized funeral services17. Our team offers 24-hour support and clear pricing to make the process easy and stress-free15. We make sure our Catholic funeral packages are affordable and clear, so you only pay for what you need16.

Whether you want a traditional Catholic funeral or a celebration of life, our team at 24 Filial Funeral Services is here to help. We’ll create a farewell that reflects the life and values of your loved one17. Let us tailor the Catholic funeral package for you, ensuring a caring and dignified goodbye151617.

Comprehensive Catholic Funeral Services

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we offer a full range of services for a respectful Catholic funeral. Our team takes care of everything, from embalming, casketing, and cosmetic treatments. This ensures the deceased is treated with great care and respect18.

Embalming, Casketing, and Cosmetic Preparations

Our skilled embalmers follow strict guidelines to keep the deceased looking great. This lets families say their final goodbyes. We also manage the casketing process, making sure the body is placed in the casket correctly. Plus, our cosmetologists use gentle makeup for a calm, natural look18.

Wake and Vigil Services, Pallbearer Services, and Funeral Setup

We set up wake and vigil services to follow Catholic traditions. Families can come together for prayer, reflection, and sharing stories. Our team also arranges pallbearer services, making sure the casket is carried with respect. And, we take care of the funeral setup, including seating, flowers, and other details for a respectful setting18.

We aim to support families with our all-inclusive Catholic funeral services during this tough time. Eternity Funeral and Memorial Funeral also offer great Catholic funeral services in Singapore195.

“We understand the importance of honoring Catholic traditions and customs. Our team is committed to giving your loved one a dignified and respectful farewell.”

Burial or Cremation: Respecting Catholic Preferences

Catholic funerals in Singapore often include a wake and vigil, a funeral mass, and communion. They also have a committal, burial, or cremation, a post-funeral reception, and a funeral procession20. The procession takes the deceased from the service to the cemetery or crematorium20. Before the funeral mass, there’s a viewing for family and friends to say goodbye20.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know that while burial was once preferred, the Vatican now allows cremation. This means families have more choices for end-of-life arrangements20. We promise to respect Catholic traditions and the wishes of the family and the deceased.

Planning your funeral ahead can help your family later on. It saves them from hard choices, controls costs, and makes sure your wishes are followed21. About 75% of people feel at peace with pre-planning, and over 85% want their funeral to reflect their life and personality21.

The Life Celebrant (TLC) in Singapore offers many funeral services, like burial or cremation, and talks with families to understand what they want22. They also provide grief counseling, green burials, sea burials, and help with repatriating the deceased22. You can call TLC at +65 6684 8488 for help during tough times, and they make sure the deceased’s wishes and Catholic traditions are followed.

“We believe that every life is unique and deserving of a meaningful and personalized farewell. Our team is dedicated to guiding families through the Catholic funeral process with compassion and reverence.”

Choosing burial or cremation, 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is here to help you honor your loved one’s memory and the Catholic faith with care and respect202122.

Post-Funeral Support and Memorial Services

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know that grieving doesn’t end with the funeral23. We offer full support after the funeral to help families find peace and closure. This includes planning a Month’s Mind Mass and memorial services on the anniversary of their death or birthday.

Month’s Mind Mass and Anniversary Observances

The Month’s Mind Mass is a key Catholic tradition. It brings families together to pray for the soul of the departed a month after they passed24. This service helps families reflect and remember the life of their loved one, aiding in their grief and finding closure.

We also hold anniversary services on the deceased’s birthday or the anniversary of their death23. These services remind us of the lasting effect of the departed. They let families honor their loved ones and find comfort in their community’s support.

Our post-funeral services are designed to give families the care and support they need during tough times23. Our team works with each family to make these services special. We make sure they fit the traditions and wishes of the Roman Catholic faith.

“The Month’s Mind Mass and anniversary observances have been a profound source of comfort for our family. It’s comforting to know that 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is there to support us in honoring our loved one’s memory.”

– David, client of 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore

Affordability and Transparency in Catholic Funeral Pricing

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we know planning a Catholic funeral is tough and can be expensive for families. That’s why we offer affordable and transparent funeral prices. We aim to meet the varied needs and budgets of our clients25.

Our Catholic funeral packages start at $5,088 for a 3-day service and $5,588 for a 5-day service25. We provide clear details on our services and costs. This way, you can choose what fits your budget and wishes18.

We also offer many optional upgrades to make the service special. You can choose from longer wakes to premium caskets. We make sure there are no hidden fees, so you won’t be surprised18.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we take care of everything from booking the cremation to setting up tents. We aim for a smooth and affordable experience for you18. Our team is here to support you, making sure your loved one’s final journey is respected and dignified.

Funeral Package Duration Price
Catholic Funeral Package 3 days $5,08825
Catholic Funeral Package 5 days $5,58825
Premium Catholic Funeral Package N/A $12,888 – $20,88818
Wake Extension Per day $50018

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we’re dedicated to offering affordable and transparent Catholic funeral services. We respect the faith’s traditions and customs. And we make sure families can mourn without financial worry25182.

“Our transparent pricing and comprehensive in-house services ensure that you can focus on honoring your loved one’s memory, rather than worrying about unexpected costs.”


As we wrap up our look at Catholic funeral services in Singapore, it’s clear that 24 Filial Funeral Services is all about honoring Catholic traditions with great care and respect. They specialize in Catholic and other funerals, offering services that meet the needs of the Catholic community26. 24 Filial Funeral Services does the same26.

The Funeral Mass is a key part of the service, with a priest leading prayers, hymns, readings, and the Eucharist. After the funeral, families and friends come together to support each other and remember the loved one. Every step of the service is done with great care and respect26. The team at 24 Filial Funeral Services works hard to make each service a special tribute to the person who has passed away27.

They mix their knowledge of Catholic funeral rites with a focus on being affordable and clear about costs. The Catholic Funeral Package is a budget-friendly choice for Roman Catholic funerals, fitting the needs of28. Their promise to make customers happy means families in Singapore can say goodbye to their loved ones in a way that feels right and doesn’t break the bank.


What services are included in 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore’s Catholic funeral packages?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers a wide range of services for Catholic funerals. These include embalming, casketing, and cosmetic treatments. They also provide wake and vigil services, help with funeral Mass arrangements, and offer pallbearer services and funeral setup. The goal is to make the ceremony sacred and solemn, following Catholic traditions closely.

How do 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore accommodate both burial and cremation preferences for Catholic funerals?

They handle both burial and cremation options for Catholic funerals in Singapore. While traditional Catholic teachings once favored burial, the Vatican has changed its stance. Now, cremation is also accepted, giving families more choices in how to honor their loved ones.

What post-funeral support services does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore provide?

After the funeral, 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers ongoing support. They help organize a Month’s Mind Mass, a service a month after the death. They also plan memorial services on the deceased’s birthday or the anniversary of their passing.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore ensure affordability and transparency in their Catholic funeral pricing?

They focus on making Catholic funerals affordable and clear in pricing. Their packages are designed for different budgets, ensuring families can honor their loved ones with dignity. They keep communication open, explaining their services and costs clearly.

What are the key Catholic funeral traditions and customs that 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore upholds?

They honor the Catholic Church’s traditions, like the vigil service and the funeral Mass. They also include the administration of Holy Communion and the final blessing with Holy Water and incense.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore ensure personalization and attention to detail for Catholic funeral services?

They work with families to understand their needs and preferences. This ensures a funeral that is meaningful and comforting. They tailor the service to the wishes of the deceased and their loved ones.

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