Catholic Funeral Service Singapore: Compassionate Care

In Singapore, Catholic funeral services offer comfort and tradition to grieving families. They help families honor their loved ones with respect1. These services cover 3 to 5 days, including embalming, setting up memorials, and providing mobile toilets and refrigeration1.

Families can pick where the service takes place, like at home, a church, or a funeral home1. Each step, from the Vigil to the Rites of Committal, is carefully managed by a compassionate funeral director1. This mix of traditional and modern support makes grieving a bit easier for those in Singapore.

Key Takeaways

  • Catholic funeral services in Singapore can last up to 3 days, with 4 distinct parts: Point of Passing, The Wake/Vigil Service, Funeral Service & Memorial Mass, and Rites of Committal.
  • Families have the flexibility to choose the funeral service location, whether at home, a church, or a funeral home.
  • Compassionate funeral directors guide families through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless blend of traditional rites and modern support.
  • Catholic funeral packages in Singapore can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of the bereaved family.
  • Post-funeral support services, such as a Month’s Mind Mass and further masses, are important aspects of the Catholic funeral tradition in Singapore.

Introduction to Roman Catholic Funeral Services in Singapore

In Singapore, Roman Catholic funeral services mix old traditions with new ones. These services aim to honor the life of the deceased. They offer comfort, hope, and closure to those mourning2.

Overview of Roman Catholic Traditions

Roman Catholic funerals in Singapore have a set order, from the Vigil to the Rite of Committal. They reflect the faith’s beliefs, like the idea of an afterlife and the soul’s journey to peace. Each step is done with respect and love, honoring the deceased’s spiritual journey2.

Importance of Religious Rites

Religious rituals are key in Catholic funerals. Prayers, blessings, and sacraments are part of the service. These rituals comfort the family, reminding them of life after death and the importance of a meaningful goodbye. Following Catholic funeral rites makes saying goodbye more meaningful, offering comfort and peace2.

In Singapore, Catholic funerals are quite common, making up about 38% of all funerals3. The cost of a Catholic funeral here is between SGD 4,500 to SGD 6,0003. Services usually last 3 to 4 hours3. About 60% of these services include a mass or religious ceremony3, and around 70% choose cremation over burial32.

The Significance of the Vigil in Roman Catholic Funerals

In the Roman Catholic tradition, the vigil is key in funeral rites. It happens the night before the funeral. Here, family and friends gather to pray, share memories, and support each other in their grief4. This shows how important community support is in Catholic funerals4.

What Happens During the Vigil?

At the Catholic vigil, people take part in religious activities to comfort the grieving and pray for the deceased. A big part is the Rosary, a set of prayers about the Virgin Mary and Christianity4. Church prayer groups lead the night’s prayers, creating a peaceful space for mourners4.

Role in the Grieving Process

The Catholic vigil is crucial for those grieving. It’s a place where family and friends can share their sorrow and find comfort in faith and rituals4. The vigil’s communal nature helps people support each other, leaning on their shared beliefs and traditions4.

Everyone grieves differently, and the vigil offers a space for quiet reflection and prayer. It’s the start of the healing journey4. The vigil creates a peaceful setting for mourners to honor the deceased and find comfort in faith and community support4.

“The Catholic vigil is a time-honored tradition that brings together the community to mourn, pray, and find comfort in the shared experience of loss.”

The Catholic vigil is a key part of funeral rites. It gives the community a chance to come together, grieve, and find solace in faith during hard times45.

Catholic Funeral Mass Singapore: A Sacred Ceremony

The Catholic Funeral Mass in Singapore is a deeply sacred event. It’s at the core of Catholic funeral traditions6. This ritual honors the departed with great respect and hope. It also brings comfort and support to the grieving family6.

This service is carefully planned for a meaningful experience. It starts with an opening prayer and includes readings from the Bible6. A eulogy follows, celebrating the life of the person who has passed away6. The ceremony also features the Litany, Communion, and final farewells, which are key parts of the service6.

Important rituals and symbols are central to the Mass. The pall, a white cloth over the casket, and scripture readings symbolize the soul’s purity and eternal life6. The crucifix reminds us of life after death. Incense symbolizes the soul’s journey to Heaven6.

The Catholic Funeral Mass in Singapore is a deeply spiritual experience. It offers solace and closure to the bereaved family and community67. It’s a ceremony that honors the departed and upholds the Catholic faith’s traditions6.

Statistic Value
Percentage of Catholic Funerals in Singapore Approximately 10% of all funeral services conducted in the country7
Percentage of Catholic Funerals with Vigil Service 75%7
Average Duration of Catholic Funeral Mass Approximately 1.5 hours7
Percentage of Guests Participating in Hymn Singing 60%7
Percentage of Guests Expressing Condolences Approximately 85%7
Average Attendance at Catholic Funeral Services 150 individuals per service7
Recommended Clergy-to-Attendee Ratio 1:507

The Catholic Funeral Mass in Singapore is a deeply meaningful and profoundly spiritual experience. It provides solace and closure to the bereaved family and community67.

“The Catholic Funeral Mass is the heart of a Catholic funeral, incorporating prayers, scripture readings, hymns, and the Eucharist to commemorate the departed’s life.”6

Hearts Funeral Singapore is a top provider of Catholic funeral services. They have over 10 years of experience and have helped more than 100 families8. They offer both standard and premium packages, with the standard 3-day package costing $4,880 and the premium package priced at $7,8888. Their clients are very satisfied with the services they received8.

The Rites of Committal: Final Farewell

In the Roman Catholic tradition, the rites of committal are key, marking the end of the funeral service9. This solemn event happens at the burial ground or crematorium, giving loved ones a chance to say their final goodbye9. The committal service connects life on earth with eternal rest9.

This service is filled with prayers and blessings, creating a respectful atmosphere9. It offers emotional and spiritual peace, supporting the belief in life after death9. Choosing between Catholic burial in Singapore and Catholic cremation in Singapore requires careful thought, balancing religion and personal views.

Importance of the Committal Service

Catholics often pick burial, showing their belief in rising again10. Yet, cremation is gaining popularity, with a focus on treating the remains with respect9. Families should think deeply and choose the best way to honor their loved one.

Burial Cremation
Reflects Catholic belief in rising again Focuses on handling remains with respect
Traditional choice for Catholics Becoming more common in Singapore
Allows for a physical gravesite Provides flexibility in final resting place

“The committal service is a key link, joining the life on earth with eternal rest.”

The committal service is a meaningful part of the Catholic funeral tradition in Singapore9. It offers closure and comfort to those grieving, strengthening the faith’s teachings on the afterlife9. Whether choosing burial or cremation, this final rite is a key part of the Catholic funeral91011.

Catholic Burial Singapore Options: What You Need to Know

Planning a Catholic burial in Singapore means looking at several key factors. Families want to honor their loved ones with a meaningful ritual. It’s important to know the steps and options available.

Choosing where to bury your loved one is a big decision. Families often pick a cemetery within their religious community. The Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex and Mandai Columbarium are popular choices because they have Catholic sections12. Being close to the family and ensuring the gravesite is well cared for are also important.

Preparation and Burial Procedures

Before the burial, there’s a detailed preparation process. Personal and religious items are placed with the deceased. The service includes solemn rites, starting with a final blessing. The casket is then lowered as special prayers are said12.

The funeral procession is the final step, taking the casket to the cemetery or crematorium12.

Catholic funerals in Singapore often have a wake and vigil for family and friends to pay their respects12. The funeral mass is a key part, featuring scripture readings, hymns, prayers, and a homily12. After the mass, the deceased may be buried or cremated, with a rite of committal at the cemetery or crematorium12.

Funeral companies in Singapore charge between $4,000 and $6,000 for a basic Catholic funeral package13. The more detailed the service, the higher the cost13. Choosing the funeral location helps narrow down options, from churches to funeral parlours or void decks13.

Catholic funerals are led by a Catholic priest, not a funeral director, highlighting their religious significance14. The service includes a prayer vigil, funeral mass, and committal, showing its structured nature14.

Some families in Singapore are now choosing cremation alongside traditional burial14. More people prefer to keep ashes in an urn at a columbarium instead of scattering them141213.

Understanding Catholic Cremation Singapore

In recent years, Catholic cremation in Singapore has become more common in the Catholic community15. It’s seen as an alternative to traditional burial, still honoring the deceased with respect. The Catholic Church allows it, as long as it shows belief in the resurrection15.

The Religious View on Cremation

Many Catholics in Singapore choose cremation for practical reasons15. They ensure the ashes are treated with the same respect as a full-body burial15. The ashes are placed in a sacred spot, like a columbarium or a cemetery area.

Steps Involved in the Cremation Process

The cremation process starts after the Funeral Mass, showing respect for the deceased16. The body is prepared and put in a special casket for cremation. Then, the cremation is done at a facility that follows rules and religious customs16. After, the ashes are put in an urn and laid to rest in a place of respect.

A committal service is often the last step16. It’s like a traditional burial, with prayers and farewells. This service gives closure and reverence to the deceased16.

“In Singapore, the acceptance of cremation within Catholic beliefs began in 1963, adding to the flexibility of funeral practices within the Catholic community.”15

Key Aspects of Catholic Cremation in Singapore Details
Cremation Process
  • Begins after the Funeral Mass to maintain respect for the deceased
  • Body is prepared and placed in a special casket for cremation
  • Cremation conducted at a proper facility, following rules and religious customs
  • Ashes (cremains) are gathered and placed in an urn
Committal Service
  • Similar to a traditional burial, with prayers and farewells
  • Provides closure and a sense of reverence for the deceased

Catholic cremation in Singapore is now more accepted, offering families a flexible option15. It still honors the Catholic faith’s traditions and beliefs. The process ensures the deceased is treated with great respect and care.

Components of the Catholic Funeral Service Singapore Package

A Catholic funeral services package in Singapore has many key parts. These parts make sure the farewell is dignified and meaningful. They reflect the deep traditions of the Roman Catholic faith.

Funeral Wake Preparation

First, you pick a good place and prepare the body for the wake. This important step lets loved ones come together, pray, and say their last goodbyes17.

Casket and Embalming Services

Offering a quality casket and expert embalming shows great respect for the deceased. This part of the Catholic funeral services package makes sure the departed is treated with dignity17.

Memorial Setup

A beautiful display is made with religious items, photos, and flowers. This setup shows the deep spiritual side of the Catholic funeral, touching those who attend17.

Specific Arrangements for the Funeral Day

The last step is making all the arrangements for the funeral day. This includes setting up for the Mass and following all Catholic rituals closely. These details are key in Singapore, making sure the funeral is respectful and smooth17.

The Catholic funeral services package in Singapore makes sure the farewell is dignified and meaningful. It honors the deceased and comforts the grieving family. Catholic funeral services package, Catholic funeral services, Catholic funeral services17

Comprehensive Catholic Funeral Services by 24 Filial Funeral Services

Planning a Catholic funeral in Singapore can be tough, especially when you’re already feeling emotional18. But, 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is here to help. They offer caring and detailed support to families, making sure every step is handled with respect for Catholic traditions.

Their team of experts helps families from the start to the end of the funeral process. They provide many services like preparing for the wake, embalming, choosing a casket, setting up the memorial, and arranging the Funeral Mass and Rites of Committal18. The Roman Catholic Grace Package (3 Days) with tentage costs S$4,999. The Roman Catholic Embrace Package (3 Days) without tentage is S$12,000, and the Roman Catholic Trinity Package (3 Days) with tentage is S$22,888.

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore pays close attention to details and knows about Catholic funeral customs. They help families go through the tough process with dignity and comfort18. Extra days for the wake cost S$500 per day for the Grace package with tentage, S$200 per day for the Grace package without tentage, S$600 per day for the Embrace package with tentage, and S$800 per day for the Trinity package with tentage.

Their wide range of services means families can focus on mourning and honoring their loved ones. The Roman Catholic Embrace Package with tentage includes a premium hearse for one trip and an air-conditioned bus for 45 pax. The Roman Catholic Trinity Package without tentage also includes a premium hearse for one trip and an air-conditioned bus for 45 pax.

Moreover18, the Roman Catholic Embrace Package with tentage offers a night service attendant for two nights and buffet catering for 60 pax. The Roman Catholic Trinity Package (3 Days) with tentage includes a night service attendant for every night and buffet catering for 150 pax.

Choosing 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore means your loved one’s final journey will be taken care of with great respect. This lets families focus on grieving and celebrating their loved one’s life19. Compared to other options19, Catholic Funeral Packages are more affordable, starting at $4,999. This is lower than Buddhist and Taoist Funeral Packages, which start at $5,888 and $8,888, respectively. Direct Cremation for Christian, Roman Catholic & Freethinker faiths is priced at $1,500, and the Precious Angel Package is $1,18020.

The Catholic Funeral Service package by Filial Piety Funeral Service in Singapore starts at $4000 for a 3-day funeral, going up to $4580 for a 5-day funeral20. This package includes many items and services like a premium casket with half glass for viewing, embalming, and more20. The package also covers transportation, embalming, makeup, Pallbearers, and other services20.

Other services in the package are Mandai Cremation Registration Process, air-conditioned bus for 50 people, ash collection, and a funeral glass hearse20. Families only pay for what they use, like drinks, clothing, snacks, and catering, to avoid being overcharged20. This approach ensures families get the support they need while keeping costs clear and controlled.

Testimonials: Compassionate Care During Difficult Times

When we lose someone close, the support from the funeral service team can be a big comfort. At 24 Filial Funeral Services, people often say they’re grateful for the care and professionalism shown during tough times21.

Families have praised the team for their detailed planning and smooth handling of funeral arrangements21. Gerard Koh, Hoo Hung Chye, and Leslie are often mentioned for their kind support and help during the funeral process21.

“I am very grateful to you and your staff for all the Funeral arrangements that have been made during the entire Funeral proceeding and process. I am also very impressed by the attentiveness, care and concern in all your dealings with me and my family members, relatives and friends.”

Many clients have talked about the team’s professionalism and empathy. They say the team makes funeral planning easier with their caring and respect21. The team’s focus on personal support and listening to what families want has made a big difference in their grief21.

High customer satisfaction shows in how often families come back for funeral services. This shows the quality of care and support from 24 Filial Funeral Services21. Over the years, families have kept coming back, showing the team’s ongoing commitment to excellence212223.


In Singapore, Roman Catholic funeral services offer a caring way to remember a loved one24. They mix old traditions with today’s support, making each step respectful and caring25. Whether it’s a burial or cremation, there are many options to give a dignified farewell that matches the deceased’s faith26.

Funeral directors like 24 Filial Funeral Services help families during tough times24. They make sure the final journey of a loved one is honored with respect24. These experts follow Catholic customs and offer personal services, helping families honor their loved ones and comfort the grieving25.

Singapore’s Catholic funeral services show how different cultures come together, respecting everyone’s beliefs25. They understand the importance of the vigil, the funeral mass, and the committal rites24. This helps families feel comforted by the traditions that guide them through this hard time24. The Catholic community in Singapore offers a caring and dignified way to say goodbye, honoring the faith and legacy of their loved ones26.


What are the key elements of a Catholic funeral services package in Singapore?

In Singapore, a Catholic funeral package includes getting ready for the wake, preparing the casket and embalming, setting up for the memorial, and making sure the funeral day goes smoothly. This ensures all Catholic rituals are followed.

What is the role of the Catholic vigil in the funeral process?

The Catholic vigil is a key event. It lets family and friends honor the dead, support each other, and take part in religious activities. These activities help comfort the grieving and pray for the dead soul. It’s a big part of the grieving process.

What happens during the Catholic Funeral Mass in Singapore?

The Catholic Funeral Mass in Singapore is a sacred event that honors the dead with respect and hope. It starts with an opening prayer, then has Bible readings, a eulogy, the Litany, Communion, and farewells. These parts represent Catholic beliefs about the afterlife.

What are the important considerations for Catholic burial and cremation in Singapore?

For Catholic burial, picking the right burial site and following traditional rituals is key. For Catholic cremation, treating the remains with respect and having a committal service is important. Both options need careful thought and consideration.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore provide comprehensive Catholic funeral services?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers compassionate and complete Catholic funeral services. They make sure every detail is taken care of with great care and respect for Catholic traditions. This is from the planning to the final farewell.

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