Comprehensive Funeral Packages in Singapore

In Singapore, it’s vital to give a meaningful farewell to someone we’ve lost. 24 Filial Funeral 二十四孝殡仪服务 offers packages that fit different religious beliefs and what the family wants. They make sure the funeral is unique and respects the person who has passed. The team helps from the beginning to the end, without any extra costs. They guide families with honesty and care at this emotional time.

Key Takeaways

  • Organizing a dignified funeral in Singapore is crucial for honoring loved ones.
  • 24 Filial Funeral provides comprehensive funeral services Singapore.
  • The packages cater to various religious practices and personal preferences.
  • They offer transparent pricing with no hidden charges.
  • Support is provided through all stages of the funeral process.

Overview of Funeral Packages in Singapore

Funeral packages in Singapore serve a wide range of family needs during a loss. They provide a variety of services. This lets every ceremony honor the life and beliefs of the person who passed.

Customizable Options and Services

In Singapore, families can personalize funeral services. They can choose the casket, the setup, and include specific cultural or religious rites. This makes every ceremony special and respectful.

  • Selection of the casket
  • Type of funeral setup
  • Incorporation of specific cultural or religious rites

Customizing the funeral helps with healing and closure.

Pricing Transparency

Knowing the cost of a funeral is important for many families. Companies like 24 Filial Funeral make prices clear. Clear pricing helps families avoid financial stress during a difficult time.

Service Standard Cost (SGD)
Casket Selection $2,000 – $5,000
Funeral Setup $3,000 – $8,000
Embalming $1,000 – $2,000
Cremation/Burial $1,000 – $3,000

Importance of Comprehensive Funeral Services

Comprehensive funeral services ensure a respectful farewell. They cover all the necessary details and offer support to the grieving. This way, families can focus on remembering and honoring their loved ones.

Catholic Funeral Packages

In Singapore, Catholic funeral services hold dear rich traditions and solemn rituals. To meet these needs, 24 Filial Funeral and other companies customize their offerings. This is to ensure each deceased individual is honored with respect and adherence to Catholic customs.

Standard Package Inclusions

Standard packages for Catholic funerals in Singapore include elements for religious rites. Typically, they offer:

  • A polished wood white half glass casket, reflecting dignity and respect.
  • Complete funeral setup, encompassing decor and arrangements suitable for a Catholic service.
  • Provision of holy water, crucifix, and other religious items crucial for the ceremonies.
  • Memorial cards and religious literature to be distributed to attendees.

Special Considerations for Catholic Funerals

For Catholic funeral services in Singapore, observing religious rites is key. Importantly, these services include:

  • Conducting the funeral mass in a church, led by a priest who performs the necessary religious rituals.
  • Arranging for prayer sessions and the recitation of the Rosary during the wake period, which comforts the grieving family.
  • Having church officials and musicians present for hymn performances to increase solemnity.
  • Coordinating with cemetery officials for the burial adheres to Catholic traditions.

Paying attention to these details helps the family honor their loved one. They do this by respecting religious customs and the family’s input. This ensures a respectful goodbye that’s both religiously significant and personally meaningful.

Buddhist Funeral Packages

In Singapore, planning a Buddhist funeral involves knowing about the culture and faith. Organizations like 24 Filial Funeral provide services that take these aspects into account.

Packages Available

Buddhist funeral options in Singapore are tailored to fit various needs and budgets. You can pick from basic setups for close gatherings to grander options for bigger events. Each one includes key services like:

  • Transport of the deceased
  • Preparation and embalming
  • Memorial service preparations
  • Buddhist cremation services in Singapore

These services make sure the farewell is respectful and follows Buddhist customs.

Ceremonial Practices

Buddhist funeral ceremonies highlight the teachings and customs of Buddhism. They include chanting, prayer, and other actions to celebrate the life of the person. Providers ensure everything is done with respect and in line with the culture.

Common practices include:

  • Vigil prayers and chanting sessions
  • Offerings and alms-giving
  • Buddhist monks leading the ceremonies

These practices in the funeral plans help families give their loved ones a proper and meaningful goodbye.

Taoist Funeral Packages

In Singapore, the Taoist community holds funerals that honor rich traditions. Each dialect group has its special customs and rituals. This makes funeral services differ among groups, showing respect for their values.

Dialect Group Variations

Taoist funerals in Singapore change based on the family’s dialect group, like Hokkien or Hakka. It’s important to know these differences. For example, some groups might need special rituals or offerings for their ceremonies.

Dialect Group Distinct Rituals Types of Offerings
Hokkien Ancestral worship, chanting of Taoist scriptures Poi (paper offerings), joss sticks
Teochew Elaborate chanting, lighting of lanterns Food offerings, spirit money
Cantonese Performing rites by a Taoist priest Paper houses, clothing for the deceased
Hakka Use of loud gongs, bell ringing Traditional dishes, incense

Common Elements in Taoist Funerals

Despite the many differences, Taoist funerals share common components. They often include ceremonies by a priest and the chanting of scriptures. Joss sticks and paper money are also offered. These elements help the deceased move on smoothly and honor them.

At 24 Filial Funeral, we offer Taoist funeral packages that respect each group’s traditions. We include common practices and adjust for specific needs. This way, every family’s service is meaningful and honors their unique culture.

Christian Funeral Packages

Christian funeral packages offer a respectful goodbye. They provide services tailored for Christians. In Singapore, places like 24 Filial Funeral help families. They give different packages to suit various needs.

Package Details

These packages include important services. For example:

  • Professional embalming
  • Elegant casket selection
  • Mourning hall setup
  • Hearse services
  • Christian burial plots Singapore arrangements

They also help set up memorial services. Everything matches the Christian faith. This includes prayers and hymns.

Additional Services and Options

Providers can customize funeral packages for the family. They may add:

  • Special floral arrangements
  • Personalized tribute videos
  • Custom funeral programs
  • Grief counseling and support

Families can make their goodbye unique. They can honor their loved one’s life and faith in a special way.

Service Basic Package Comprehensive Package Premium Package
Embalming ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Casket Standard Enhanced Premium
Mourning Hall Setup Standard Enhanced Customized
Additional Services Limited Full
Christian Burial Plots Singapore Available Priority

Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation in Singapore is a simple and more affordable option than traditional funerals. It focuses on the necessary services, which reduces costs and makes things easier for families.

Benefits of Direct Cremation

Choosing direct cremation in Singapore cuts down on costs significantly. You avoid the expenses of a traditional funeral, such as embalming and a viewing. This choice also means you can have a memorial service later, letting families mourn in their own time.

Procedures and Processes

The path to direct cremation is clear and respectful. After choosing this option, the body is collected and put in a coffin. Then, the body is taken to the crematorium. Here, a brief memorial service can be held if desired.

The cremation then happens, and the ashes are given back to the family.

Cost Considerations

Direct cremation services in Singapore are very budget-friendly. Companies like 24 Filial Funeral are open about their prices, covering everything needed from collection to cremation.

This method lets families choose affordable but respectful funeral options.

Non-Religious Funeral Packages

In Singapore, many people are looking for secular funeral services. This is because more individuals are identifying as Non-Religious, Atheist, Secular, or Free-Thinkers. These services offer a way to remember loved ones without religious ties. They celebrate the person’s life and what they stood for.

The funeral packages for Free Thinker Funeral start from $3,588 for a basic package. For services that go over three days, it costs $5,088. For services lasting five days, it goes up to $5,588. Yet, the basic funeral rate at a funeral house is $3,588 with no time limit.

Secular funeral services in Singapore can be tailored to fit either western or eastern traditions. This is based on the wishes of the deceased and their family. Services include setting up the funeral, choosing a casket, embalming, providing a toilet and fridge, setting up a memorial, managing the funeral day, and offering care after the ceremony.

These services also offer special features. A half glass cremation casket, pallbearers dressed in formal attire, and a top of the line Mercedes hearse are among the options. There’s also a 24-hour hotline at 9637 1818 or 1800 800 1818. You can also get help via WhatsApp to quickly arrange everything.

Non-religious memorial services also offer a range of choices. These include picking decorations, music, display items, eulogies, and flowers. They also help with arrangements after the funeral, like choosing between burial or cremation, handling transportation, and offering support during the grieving process.

  • Services like embalming, showering, make-up for the deceased, and provision of a half-glass casket.
  • Transportation arrangements and pallbearers’ coordination.
  • Setup items, including glass hearse, furnishings, air coolers, lighting ambiance, mobile toilet, and flower arrangements.
  • Quaint various physical items like round tables, square tables, chairs, curtains, carpet, and fans.
  • Additional elements like photo frame wreaths, condolence books, safe boxes, funeral notices, and post-funeral guides.

To give a dignified farewell that respects anyone’s beliefs, non-religious funeral packages in Singapore can be personalized. This includes different location options for the funeral parlors.

Service Details
Basic Package Starts at $3,588, includes essential funeral day arrangements, without a limit on days
3-Day Service Costs $5,088, includes preparation of funeral wake and additional services
5-Day Service Priced at $5,588, covering comprehensive funeral and post-funeral care
Personalized Options Custom decorations, music selections, display items, and eulogies
Post-Funeral Services Burial or cremation arrangements, transport logistics, and bereavement support

Wake Services in Singapore

Wake services hold a special place in Singapore’s funeral customs. They allow family and friends to honor their loved ones. Funeral Sanctuary and others lead in providing professional and respectful wake services.

One leading option is Funeral Sanctuary, known for its affordable and quality packages. Their $5,500 package covers a 3-day wake at an HDB/Multi-Purpose Hall. It includes both traditional and modern settings, a caring team, and all needed items. They also offer a $4,500 package with similar benefits.

Customers praise Funeral Sanctuary’s service level. Gregory.H was helped at 3 am, impressed by the attention and affordability. Jennifer T. and Cindy.C found the service to be crucial and comforting.

With almost 30 years of experience, Funeral Sanctuary is well-versed in Singapore’s funeral traditions. Their skilled team ensures all funeral planning is top-notch.

Another key player is Nirvana Memorial Garden, offering diverse funeral services. They cater to Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, and Catholic customs. Nirvana’s wake services are known for being flexible and dignified.

One big plus is the option to pay in monthly installments with 0% interest for up to 48 months. This makes things financially manageable. Clear pricing and flexible plans give peace of mind.

Choosing between Funeral Sanctuary and Nirvana Memorial Garden means getting support for a fitting farewell.

Memorial Services in Singapore

After cremation or burial, memorial services are important for honoring the deceased. They provide a chance for family and friends to come together. They share memories and find comfort. In Singapore, professional services help plan these memorial services. They ensure everything is done with care and respect.

Purpose and Structure

The goal of a memorial service is to honor the life of the deceased. These services can be unique, reflecting the family’s preferences and traditions. They often include speeches, music, and memories. Funeral directors are essential, offering guidance. They help make sure the service meets the family’s wishes.

Popular Locations for Memorial Services

Families in Singapore can choose from various places for memorial services. These include funeral parlors, places of worship, and even parks or beaches. Columbarium Singapore is also a favored venue. It allows services near the resting place of your loved ones. Each location has its own special features. They can be customized to match the service’s mood. Funeral service providers make finding a suitable venue a top concern.

Bereavement Support in Singapore

Loss hurts deeply. It is more than just arranging a funeral service. In Singapore, groups offer bereavement support that goes beyond this. They provide emotional help that is key to getting through grief. Grief counseling plays a big part in this, helping people deal with their sadness effectively.

Emotional Support Services

In Singapore, there is a wide array of emotional support available for those in grief. These support services are there to comfort and understand people. This helps them deal with their loss healthily. Emotional help can come in different ways, like therapy alone or with others. These services offer a safe place where people can share their grief.

Professional Guidance and Counseling

Getting professional advice and guidance is crucial in bereavement support. In Singapore, expert grief counselors help in very personalized ways. They provide focused support to help people navigate their sadness. Through empathy and practical tips, they support emotional recovery. Counseling serves a vital role in finding comfort during tough times.

Choosing the Right Casket in Singapore

Selecting a casket is a very personal and important part of funeral planning. It should honor the departed in a way they would appreciate. In Singapore, you can find a wide variety of caskets at places like 24 Filial Funeral. They offer options that suit different tastes and cultural traditions.

Materials and Designs

Caskets in Singapore come in many materials and designs. They fit various preferences and budgets. You can choose from wood, metal, and even eco-friendly materials. Materials like oak or mahogany are elegant. Stainless steel caskets are durable and look modern. This variety helps pick a casket that expresses the personality of the one who passed away.

Customization Options

Customizing a casket adds a personal touch. At 24 Filial Funeral, families can add unique details to honor their loved one. They can choose custom linings or special designs. This can include religious symbols, quotes, or favorite colors. Such efforts make the service more personal and meaningful for the family.

It’s wise to consider all your options when looking for a casket in Singapore. Explore the various materials, designs, and customization choices. This way, you can find a casket that truly embodies the life and legacy of your loved one.


What types of funeral packages are available in Singapore?

You’ll find many kinds of funeral packages in Singapore. They cater to different religions and personal choices. For instance, there are packages for Catholics, Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, direct cremation, and non-religious needs. Each one is made to honor various traditions and fulfill special requests.

Are funeral packages customizable?

Absolutely, 24 Filial Funeral lets families customize their funeral packages. This means you can choose the casket, the way the funeral is set up, and more. They make sure to meet each family’s special preferences.

How is pricing managed for funeral packages in Singapore?

At 24 Filial Funeral, they are very open about the costs. They avoid any surprise fees by clearly explaining all expenses. This way, families get honest and supportive help during a difficult time without worrying about hidden charges.

What is included in Catholic funeral packages?

Catholic packages include special rites, a refined casket, and the complete funeral setup. They ensure all essentials are covered to honor the religion and support the family.

What options are available for Buddhist funeral packages?

Buddhist funeral packages come in a variety of choices. From simple to standard, they respect the different traditions within Buddhism. This choice ensures a fitting and culturally aware service.

How do Taoist funeral packages cater to different dialect groups in Singapore?

Taoist packages are designed to meet the needs of various dialect communities in Singapore. They include important ceremonies and offerings, making each service personal and fitting.

What services are included in Christian funeral packages?

Christian packages offer a range of services that can be customized. They include flexible durations and support to remember the deceased in a Christian manner. It’s a way to pay a respectful tribute.

What are the benefits of direct cremation services?

Direct cremation is a simpler and more affordable alternative to traditional burials. It includes necessary services, like collecting the body and a brief memorial. Families also know the final cost up front, which covers the cremation.

Are non-religious funeral packages available?

Yes, 24 Filial Funeral has options for those wanting a funeral without religious overtones. These non-religious packages celebrate the life and beliefs of the deceased in a meaningful way.

What do wake services entail?

A wake offers time for loved ones to say goodbye. 24 Filial Funeral takes care of the details, ensuring the event is respectful and managed correctly.

What is the purpose of memorial services, and where can they be held?

Memorial services honor the deceased after burial or cremation. They can be at parlors, homes, or outdoor spots. 24 Filial Funeral helps plan, ensuring they meet the family’s expectations.

What kind of bereavement support is available?

At 24 Filial Funeral, they provide emotional support and counseling. This support is aimed at helping families cope with their grief, offering comfort and understanding. It’s assistance during difficult times.

How can I choose the right casket?

Picking a casket is deeply personal. 24 Filial Funeral has many caskets in different styles and materials. They also offer customization for a personal touch. This way, you can find one that truly represents the departed’s life and wishes.

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