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The Free Thinker Funeral Service in Singapore is for those who lived without religious beliefs. It offers ways to say goodbye that match their life choices. 24 Filial Funeral Services presents various options for non-religious funerals, making each one dignified and warm.

The team at 24 Filial plans each step with care. They prepare the venue, whether it’s at an HDB void deck or a traditional funeral home. They also arrange for a special final journey in a Mercedes hearse. These services aim to honor the departed while giving their families and friends comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • 24 Filial Funeral Services provides non-religious funeral options.
  • Compassionate funeral services are meticulously planned and executed.
  • Personalized funeral arrangements are tailored to individual wishes.
  • Venues include HDB void decks and funeral parlors.
  • Services include professional embalming and a glass Mercedes hearse.

Introduction to Free Thinker Funeral Services

In Singapore, Free Thinker funerals offer a different path. They focus on life celebrations, not on old religious customs. This approach lets families craft ceremonies that truly honor their loved ones.

Understanding Free Thinker Funerals

Secular funerals bypass religious limits. They let families pay tribute in unique, personal ways. One can choose a simple setup or a grand event. All to share the person’s life story, achievements, and memories.

These ceremonies are touching and respectful goodbyes, based on the life that was. Such funerals honor the deceased through memorable, individualized services.

Services Offered

24 Filial Funeral Services leads in supporting Free Thinker funerals. They plan every aspect, from beautiful flowers to necessary paperwork. They offer services like setting up the funeral wake, legal help, and post-funeral support. Also, they help choose the right music, create visual tributes, and organize unique final farewells.

Their funeral directors work closely with families. They ensure each service is a perfect tribute. It’s tailored exactly to what the family and their lost one would want.

Affordability of Funeral Packages in Singapore

24 Filial Funeral Services focus on offering affordable funeral options for Singapore families. They understand the need for budget-friendly choices, especially when families face loss. They ensure each service is respectful and dignified, tailored to diverse needs.

3 Days Free Thinker Funeral Package

The 3 Days Free Thinker Funeral Package is a great choice for those looking for better prices. This package starts at $5088, offering a half glass cremation casket and professional embalming. It also includes a comfortable setup for the funeral, with tentage, seating, lighting, and air cooling for guests.

5 Days Free Thinker Funeral Package

For those who need more time, the 5 Days Free Thinker Funeral Package starts at $5588. It extends the services of the 3-day package, allowing longer gatherings. This doesn’t mean skimping on quality. It ensures a caring and detailed service, affordable yet respectful.

Parlour Package Options

For a more private tribute, 24 Filial Funeral Services has parlour packages from $3588. These exclude venue costs and offer a personal, dignified setting. Each package meets the family’s unique requirements, providing a budget-friendly option for a respectful farewell.

Personalized Funeral Setups

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, we offer personalized funeral setups to honor unique lives. These setups let us show what the deceased loved about life. Their favorite flowers or songs can be used in the funeral. This makes each service special and meaningful.

The 24 Filial team works with family closely. We make sure everything, even the smallest details, is just right. The goal is to design a service that truly represents the individual, creating a powerful free thinker tribute.

Customization Aspect Options Available Purpose
Flowers Roses, Lilies, Orchids Reflect personal taste and significance
Music Live Band, Recorded Playlist Set an emotional tone that resonates
Casket Style Traditional, Modern, Eco-friendly Match the deceased’s or family’s preferences
Decor Custom Drapes, Themed Lighting Create a fitting ambiance and atmosphere

Funeral customization services mean more than changing how things look. They reflect the fullness of a person’s life. These tailored arrangements help families say goodbye in a way that truly honors their loved one’s journey.

Cremation Services Singapore

Cremation services are an important part of funerals in Singapore for those who think freely. At 24 Filial Funeral Services, they make everything easy. This includes booking cremation slots and the right caskets. They help families with all the details at this difficult time.

Booking Cremation Slots

Funeral cremation booking at 24 Filial Funeral Services is easy. They help with both urgent and planned cremations. Their team offers comfort and assistance throughout the cremation process.

Cremation Caskets

Finding the perfect cremation casket is key at cremation services Singapore. 24 Filial Funeral Services has many options. They choose caskets that honor the deceased and meet the family’s cultural needs.

Wake Services Singapore

24 Filial Funeral Services offers wake services that help friends and family gather with dignity. This allows them to remember their loved ones in a way that respects their beliefs. The company takes care of everything for the wake, which is especially important for free thinker wakes.

These services are tailored to respect everyone’s wishes, providing a solemn atmosphere. The company ensures the setting is ideal for sharing memories and giving condolences. They take care of setting up tents, providing tables and chairs, and organizing refreshments.

They offer various important services for the wake:

  • They can set up the venue in different ways to meet various preferences.
  • They handle the coordination of tentage, tables, and chairs expertly.
  • They provide a place for refreshments to make guests comfortable.
Service Component Description
Tentage Setup Provision of appropriate shelter to ensure a respectful environment for everyone attending.
Tables & Chairs Carefully arranged seating and tables to accommodate all guests comfortably.
Refreshment Area An area dedicated to serving refreshments and providing comfort to the guests.

Burial Services Singapore

In Singapore, 24 Filial Funeral Services offers burial options for those with a non-religious belief. They help with choosing a gravesite and running the burial ceremony. This way, families who don’t follow a religion can honor their loved ones with care.

They provide a full range of services to make the process smooth. Professional undertakers support families with care. They help ensure the burial reflects the one being remembered.

If you’re looking for a secular funeral, their packages start at $3588. These bundles offer quality and respectful options. They can also be adjusted to meet your family’s specific needs. The services include everything from the casket to the memorial setup.

The Life Celebrant in Singapore offers personalized non-religious burial services. They tailor their approach to honor the deceased’s life and family wishes. For more information, visit their website.

24 Filial Funeral Services has a 24-hour hotline and a team of skilled staff. This ensures families get help and advice whenever needed. For more on their secular funeral services, visit their website.

Memorial Services Singapore

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, families get a special chance to remember their dear ones. It’s done with respect and in a way that feels personal. Every detail is chosen to show the unique life the person led and their legacy.

Dignified Memorial Setups

This company is top-notch at setting up memorials that suit the family’s taste. They include special items and symbolic decor to remember the person well. For those in Singapore, 24 Filial makes sure the service is both beautiful and deeply moving.

Custom Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a key part of honoring someone during their funeral. 24 Filial offers many floral arrangements to pick from. They range from calm white lilies to bright and cheerful bouquets. Each one is made to match the wishes of the family and the person who passed. These flowers add a lovely touch to the service.

Personalized Music and Eulogy

Picking the right songs and saying a good eulogy are very important. 24 Filial takes time to pick music and write eulogies that truly represent the person. They make the farewell deeply moving. Favorite songs and meaningful words make the service memorable and heartfelt.

Funeral Catering Singapore

At a funeral, taking care of guests is important. 24 Filial Funeral Services knows this well and provides a wide selection of funeral catering services. They aim to cater to the various needs of families in mourning.

They work with top caterers to bring high-quality menus. These menus respect different preferences and cultures, covering diverse elements. Guests can enjoy from simple refreshments to full meals, all options are carefully designed to keep the event’s solemn mood.

When it comes to funeral reception catering, 24 Filial Funeral Services focuses on the smallest details. They design every part of the catering to match the dignity of the event. This includes selecting the best ingredients and ensuring a beautiful food presentation.

Service Details
Simple Refreshments Light snacks, beverages, and finger foods that provide a modest option suitable for informal gatherings.
Buffet A more substantial offering that includes a variety of hot and cold dishes, catering to different tastes and dietary requirements.
Seated Meal Service Formal dining options with multiple courses, designed to offer a complete and respectful dining experience.

With tailored bereavement catering options, 24 Filial Funeral Services helps take the stress out of funeral planning. This allows families to concentrate on celebrating their loved one’s life.

Grief Counseling Singapore

Dealing with grief can be very hard. 24 Filial Funeral Services understands this and offers special help. They provide counselling to guide you through your emotions after losing someone.

Their counselors are caring and experienced. They focus on giving you support to heal emotionally. This support continues even after the funeral, showing how much they care about you.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services, you can have one-on-one talks or join a group. Group sessions and workshops are also available. These help by letting you share your feelings with others in similar situations.

“Grief is not something we overcome but something we learn to live with. Our goal is to be there for you every step of the way,” says a spokesperson from 24 Filial Funeral Services.

These are the different ways 24 Filial Funeral Services can help:

Service Description
Individual Grief Counseling One-on-one sessions to address your unique needs and feelings.
Group Therapy Group meetings to support each other and share lessons.
Workshops Special workshops on grief topics like coping strategies and finding peace.

Grieving is unique for everyone, so 24 Filial Funeral Services offers personal post-funeral support. They aim to be there for you, showing their deep and lasting care.


24 Filial Funeral Services shines as a guiding light in hard times. They focus on comprehensive funeral care for Free Thinkers in Singapore. Their services include personalized setup and top-notch cremation or burial. This shows their dedication to providing professional funeral services.

They understand both personal wishes and cultural needs. 24 Filial offers more than just help with arrangements. They provide a comforting role and lead families through the process carefully. Their services are both affordable and detailed, ensuring respectful goodbyes. They offer many services like grief counseling to help find comfort.

With their 24-hour hotline, they’re always ready to offer support. Their approach blends caring guidance with professional support, always. These aspects make 24 Filial a reliable choice for after-life care. They aim to not only perform services but also to offer support and comfort. This approach makes them a pillar of strength for those in mourning.


What is a Free Thinker funeral service?

A Free Thinker funeral welcomes those who lived a life without religious beliefs. It’s a celebration free from religious customs. This allows loved ones to tailor the service. They can make it reflect the life and beliefs of the departed.

What kinds of services are included in Free Thinker funerals?

The services offered are unique. They include embalming and special setups. They cater to locations of different kinds. They even provide fancy vehicles and help with paperwork.

How affordable are the Free Thinker funeral packages in Singapore?

The packages are easy on the budget. They are clear about costs and start at 88 for a 3-day service. Longer offerings go up to 88. There’s also a lower-cost option excluding venue fees. These all include key services like embalming.

Can we personalize the funeral setups?

24 Filial Funeral Services allows a lot of customization. Families can pick favorite flowers and music. They can showcase the deceased’s hobbies or awards, making the tribute fitting and respectful.

What cremation services are available?

They cover everything for the cremation. This includes booking time slots and providing the right caskets. They handle all the needed admin work. Whether it’s a sudden need or a planned ceremony, they make the process smooth.

What do the wake services entail?

The wake’s atmosphere is designed for memories and shared condolences. The setup includes tents, tables, chairs, and a place for drinks and food. This ensures the service is respectful and comforting for everyone.

Are burial services available for Free Thinker funerals?

Yes, they do offer burial services, keeping it respectful of non-religious beliefs. They help choose a gravesite and handle the burial ceremony. Professional support ensures a dignified farewell.

How can we customize memorial services?

Memorial services can be tailored uniquely. Through flowers, personal items, and special music and words. 24 Filial Funeral Services makes sure every part reflects the values of the deceased.

Is funeral catering available?

Yes, catering is an option for Free Thinker funerals. They work with top caterers to offer a range of menus. This supports various customs and preferences, ensuring the event is respected and appreciated.

Do you offer any support for grief counseling?

Support includes grief counseling. It’s there to guide through the tough times after a loss. Trained counselors offer care and understanding. This ensures that help is complete and offers solace during grief.

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