Funeral Wake Singapore: Compassionate Support

In Singapore, the funeral wake is more than just a gathering. It shows the caring support for grieving families. At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, experts help families say a meaningful goodbye to their loved ones1.

Funeral wakes here honor many cultures and beliefs, from Buddhist and Taoist to unique life celebrations1. Families get help with planning, understanding customs, and emotional support during tough times2.

Key Takeaways

  • Funeral wakes in Singapore can last from one day to several days1.
  • Guests usually wear quiet, respectful colors to show mourning1.
  • It’s common to give condolences like money or flowers1.
  • At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, you get 24/7 support and full help2.
  • The company also offers grief counseling, help with repatriation, and planning ahead for families’ needs2.

Introduction to Funeral Wake Services in Singapore

Understanding the Importance of Compassionate Support During Bereavement

Funeral wakes in Singapore are key in offering support to those grieving. Losing someone close can be very hard, and having caring support is crucial3. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore knows how vital emotional support is. They offer grief counseling and other services to help people through this tough time with care.

Cremation is a popular choice in Singapore because of the country’s limited land3. Families can pick from traditional or eco-friendly cremation options3. Traditional burials are less common because of the land shortage3. The cost of funerals varies a lot, depending on the services and the funeral home chosen. It’s important to have clear pricing and flexible payment plans3. Funeral directors offer support and advice during planning3. Planning a funeral includes getting permits and arranging transport3.

There are support services like counseling and groups for those dealing with loss3. Wakes in Singapore can last from three to five days, based on what the family wants or their religious beliefs4. At Christian funerals, people usually wear white or black, with white being common as it means purity and new life4.

New technology has changed Christian funerals in Singapore, with live streaming becoming common, especially during global health crises4. Using eco-friendly options like biodegradable caskets for cremation is becoming more popular, showing a care for the environment in funeral practices4. Churches and Christian groups in Singapore offer programs for those grieving, including counseling and support groups, focusing on helping each other out based on Christian beliefs4.

The Christian community in Singapore is diverse, with different races and denominations. This leads to varied funeral customs, sometimes blending cultural traditions with Christian practices4. In Singapore, the way people dress for funerals varies by the deceased’s religion and culture5.

For Chinese funerals, guests should wear somber colors like white, black, or dark blue and avoid bright or flashy items5. At Malay Muslim funerals, guests should dress modestly in white or dark colors, with covered arms and knees. Women should wear headscarves5. For Indian funerals, both men and women should wear traditional white clothes, but avoid black. Women can wear simple jewelry, but nothing too flashy5.

At Chinese funerals, it’s common to give ‘white gold’ money in odd amounts like $30 or $50 in a white envelope5. Showing sympathy can also be done by sending flowers, preparing food baskets, giving money, writing cards, or helping with household chores5.

When visiting a funeral, it’s important to introduce yourself to the family, offer your condolences, and keep your visit short, especially if you’re not very close. Bowing at the altar is a sign of respect5. Children should understand the importance of the event and behave well. Adults should make sure they do too, to avoid disturbing the service5. It’s best not to take photos or share about the funeral on social media without permission, as it might be seen as rude and a breach of privacy5. Leaving the wake should be done with respect, not interrupting any rituals or prayers. Visitors are often given red threads to show they are leaving5.

Funeral Wake Singapore: Honoring Traditions and Beliefs

Funeral wakes in Singapore blend traditional and cultural practices to honor the deceased and their family6. Chinese wakes last for odd days like 3, 5, or 7, skipping even numbers for good luck7. They can last 1, 3, 5, or 7 days, based on the family’s wishes and beliefs.

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, the team ensures all religious and cultural needs are met6. They arrange specific prayers, rituals, and decorations based on the family’s preferences. This makes the farewell meaningful and respectful.

6 In Singapore, giving at least $30 as a condolence gift is common8. The amount depends on how well you know the family and your financial situation. These gifts help cover funeral costs.

6 Traditional gifts are given in white envelopes, showing respect and helping with funeral expenses8. Now, it’s also common to send money via PayNow or PayLah to the family.

6 When visiting a wake, wear somber colors like white, black, or dark blue8. This shows respect for the deceased. For Buddhist or Taoist funerals, bowing three times and offering joss sticks is customary.

7 Funerals are now often announced online instead of in newspapers7. This change includes live-streaming, online obituaries, and virtual condolence books.

7 Modern funerals suggest giving to charity in memory of the deceased8. Sending wreaths or blankets is also a way to show respect. Always check with the family first.

7 Singapore’s funeral culture mixes old and new customs, showing its diverse society8. Funerals can be Buddhist, Taoist, or other Chinese religious types.

8 Mourning pins are worn by family members, from the wake’s start to the end of the funeral8. A traditional practice is washing with pomelo leaves or flowers after a funeral to cleanse bad luck.

8 Cremation is popular, with options like columbariums, sea burials, or scattering ashes7. The family decides how to honor the deceased, with funeral directors offering guidance.

8 The mourning period is 49 days, with prayers every seven days until the end8. A memorial service is held on the 100th day to remember the departed.

The Role of a Funeral Director in Singapore

Guiding Families Through the Funeral Planning Process

A funeral director is key in helping families plan a funeral in Singapore. At places like 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, they work with clients to know their needs and budget. They then arrange everything, from the venue to food and transport9. This helps ease the stress for the family during a tough time.

In Singapore, about 70% of funerals are cremations, says the National Environment Agency (NEA)9. The average cost of a funeral is around $8,000, as the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) reports9. Funeral directors help with choosing between burial or cremation and arrange for the deceased’s transport and preparation9.

Funeral directors in Singapore don’t need a license from the National Environment Agency (NEA)9. But, groups like the Association of Funeral Directors Singapore (AFD) can guide families to trusted directors9. They might even offer extra services like collecting ashes or scattering them, making the process more personal9.

Funeral Director Services in Singapore Description
Funeral Packages Help with choosing between burial or cremation, arranging transport, and preparing the deceased.
Venue Selection Help find places for funeral wakes, like funeral parlors, void decks, or private homes.
Regulatory Compliance Get permits and licenses from groups like the Town Council and Singapore Land Authority.
Post-Funeral Services Services like collecting ashes, scattering them, and other personal touches.

Families can pick from many places for funeral wakes, and directors help get the needed permits10. The National Environment Agency licenses funeral parlors with embalming to keep things clean10.

When picking a funeral director, think about costs, which can be from $500 to over $3,00011. Also, consider extra costs for things like caskets and memorial services11. Checking licenses and getting advice from others can show if a director is trustworthy11.

“Choosing the right funeral director can make a big difference in the funeral experience, offering families support and guidance during a hard time.”

Working with a good funeral director in Singapore makes planning a funeral easier. It lets families focus on celebrating their loved one’s life and coping with their loss91011.

Customizing Funeral Wake Services in Singapore

In Singapore, funeral wake services are more than just honoring the deceased. They are a chance to celebrate a life in a personal way12. Embrace Funeral Service leads in the country, making sure each wake reflects the person’s unique life story12.

They work with families to design services that truly capture the essence of the person who has passed12. Families can pick from many options, like themes, service length, and personal touches12. They even offer custom caskets, but need advance notice12.

Embrace Funeral Service honors Singapore’s diverse culture13. They have services for different faiths and customs, like Buddhist, Taoist, and Christian13. For instance, Taoist services start at $8088 for a 3-day arrangement, including setup and food, tailored to the culture and customs of the family.

13 The Woodlands Memorial Funeral Parlour is Singapore’s biggest, with halls for 60 or 120 people13. There are also 8 air-conditioned parlours in the east, with private rooms for the family.

13 Embrace Funeral Service doesn’t stop at the funeral. They help with legal documents and support families in their grief13. They make sure all costs are clear upfront, offering fair prices to grieving families.

14 Singapore Funeral Alliance also offers customizable packages for different budgets and preferences14. They serve various religions and can hold services at many locations.

14 Their Simple Economic Buddhist Funeral Package is $4800 Nett for 3 days14. Families praise the company for their clear instructions, good service, and fair prices.

By providing personalized services, Singapore’s funeral providers help families create a special tribute to their loved ones121314.

Funeral Wake Singapore: Creating a Meaningful Celebration of Life

At 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore, we aim to help families create a meaningful celebration of life for their loved one15. We work closely with clients to make sure the funeral wake reflects the unique life and personality of the person who has passed away. This can be through music, personal items, or special rituals15. Our goal is to bring comfort and closure to families during tough times.

The way people in Singapore view funerals is changing, with a move towards more personal and celebratory services16. New companies like 24 Filial Funeral Services are leading this change. They offer new ways to honor the life of the deceased with memorial services that celebrate their life and memory16.

Memorial services are not as common as traditional funerals in Singapore, based on Google searches and funeral director experiences15. But they are becoming more popular as attitudes towards death change. More people are planning their funerals ahead of time16.

A typical memorial service in Singapore lasts about one to two hours15. It can be held at many places, like funeral homes, community areas, homes, places of worship, or where the person is laid to rest15. The service often includes welcoming words, readings, stories from family and friends, photo slideshows, closing words, and messages of support15.

The cost of a memorial service depends on the venue, number of guests, and extra services15. Funeral homes offer different packages to fit various budgets15. These services can be planned by family, close friends, or companies like 24 Filial Funeral Services15.

A memorial service is a chance for family and friends to say goodbye, share memories, and celebrate the life of someone who has passed away15. It offers comfort and support during grief, helping loved ones come together and support each other15. Unlike traditional funerals, these services focus more on celebrating the life of the person who has passed15.

The funeral industry in Singapore is changing, moving towards more modern and personalized services16. Companies like 24 Filial Funeral Services are leading this change. They offer unique celebration of life experiences that help families find peace and support during their grief151617.

Practical Arrangements During a Funeral Wake

From Venue Selection to Catering and Transportation

When someone we love passes away, the last thing grieving families need to worry about is the funeral arrangements18. In Singapore, the cost of a funeral can vary a lot. It depends on the type of service, the choice of burial or cremation, the venue, transportation, and other costs18. Luckily, professional funeral directors in Singapore can help with these details. This lets families focus on the emotional side of the ceremony and be with their loved ones.

Funeral directors in Singapore are experts who help with the details of the funeral. They guide families on service options, arrange for the deceased’s transport, and take care of the burial or cremation. They also make sure all the necessary paperwork is done18. These professionals aim to make the funeral a memorable and dignified event that honors the loved one’s wishes18.

“Choosing a reputable funeral director is crucial, with emphasis on cultural sensitivity to navigate various ethnic and religious funeral customs in Singapore.”19

When picking a venue for the funeral wake, families in Singapore have many choices. They can choose from void decks, religious places like churches or temples, or funeral parlors1819. The number of guests, cultural needs, and budget will influence the choice. Funeral directors can help find the right venue for the family’s needs19.

Funeral directors in Singapore also handle catering and transportation19. This means every detail is taken care of. Families can then focus on the emotional side of the ceremony and spend time with their loved ones18.

Handling the practical parts of a funeral wake in Singapore can be tough. But with the help of experienced funeral directors, families can be sure their loved one’s wishes are honored with care and respect1819.

Funeral Wake Arrangements Considerations
Venue Selection
  • Void decks
  • Religious spaces (churches, temples)
  • Funeral parlours
  • Attendee numbers
  • Cultural requirements
  • Budget
Catering Services
  • Customized menus
  • Dietary requirements
  • Culturally appropriate dishes
Transportation Arrangements
  • Hearse
  • Limousines
  • Shuttle services
  • Coordinating with family

Working with a trusted funeral director makes handling the practical parts of a funeral wake in Singapore easier. This ensures the final journey of the loved one is honored with care and respect1819.

“Balancing tradition and modernity in funeral services is common, with families choosing based on cultural background and honoring the deceased’s wishes.”19

In Singapore, there are also cultural and religious customs to consider during a funeral wake1920. From the traditional dress code to guest etiquette, funeral directors offer guidance. They help make sure the ceremony reflects the deceased’s beliefs and the family’s traditions20.

By letting professionals handle the practical arrangements, families in Singapore can focus on the emotional side of the funeral wake. They can be comforted by the support of their community181920.

Grief Counseling and Emotional Support

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore knows how tough it is to lose someone close. They offer caring grief counseling and emotional support to help families and individuals through their grief2. Their team of experts creates a safe place for healing, offering guidance and resources2.

Grief counseling can change lives, helping people move from shock to acceptance21. Counselors help understand and deal with the tough feelings of grief. They guide the bereaved in adjusting to life without their loved one21. Keeping a bond with the departed and celebrating their memory makes the grieving easier21.

Every person grieves differently, so 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore customizes its counseling for each family’s needs21. They focus on the emotional health of the bereaved with great care and understanding, helping avoid feelings of guilt, depression, and other negative outcomes21.

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore also provides a variety of funeral and memorial services, like pre-planning, repatriation, and special ceremonies2. They aim to support families fully through the funeral process with kindness and skill2.

As a trusted community partner, 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore is here for those grieving, offering hope and healing in tough times2. With their focus on grief counseling and support, they make sure no one has to face loss alone22122.

Cremation and Burial Services After the Funeral Wake

After a funeral wake in Singapore, families face a tough emotional journey. 24 Filial Funeral Services offers caring guidance on what to do next, like choosing cremation or burial. Their team makes sure the final wishes of the loved one are respected with dignity and care.

Understanding the Options Available in Singapore

In Singapore, choosing between cremation or burial can be complex. The National Environment Agency explains the steps and costs for these services23. If you pick cremation, the ashes can be kept in government or private places in the city23. Or, you can scatter them at sea, at a spot 1.5 nautical miles south of Pulau Semakau24.

For burial, there are more steps. Families might need permission from the National Environment Agency for a wake longer than seven days23. Also, getting a Temporary Occupation License (TOL) for the wake on private property costs money and requires permission from the Singapore Land Authority24.

24 Filial Funeral Services helps families with both choices, making the move from the wake to saying goodbye smooth. Their team’s knowledge and focus on details eases the stress on grieving families. This lets them focus on celebrating their loved one’s life.

Funeral trends are changing, offering more choices in Singapore. Families can now pick from direct burials, direct cremations, and more25. These options let families personalize the farewell, meeting the varied needs and likes of the community232425.

Religious and Cultural Considerations for Funerals in Singapore

Funerals in Singapore are deeply rooted in religious and cultural customs26. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore knows how to honor these traditions. They work closely with families to make sure all rituals are followed. This includes arranging prayers, managing the deceased’s placement, and handling the remains’ transport.

There are many funeral services in Singapore for different beliefs, like Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic, Christian, and Free Thinker funerals26. Buddhist funerals help the deceased move on to the next life, blending traditions from other faiths26. Taoist funerals can be big or small, with special rituals for different dialect groups26. Catholic funerals follow traditional customs, guided by beliefs in Hell, Heaven, and Purgatory26. Christian funerals focus on celebrating the life of the deceased with prayers and services26. Free Thinker funerals are more flexible, reflecting the life and values of the person who has passed away.

Funeral services in Singapore also follow legal and administrative rules27. Deaths must be reported quickly, and families get 30 days to get a death certificate from the My Legacy portal27. Costs for death certification vary, and funeral homes take care of the burial or cremation as wished by the deceased, often planned ahead27. A Coffin Permit for taking the deceased back to Singapore costs about $18, and sea burials are an option due to land limits27. Important services include encoffining, embalming, cremation, hearse transport, repatriation, catering, facilitators, and tentages.

Culture and religion greatly influence funeral practices in Singapore28. Chinese funerals use white, black, or dark clothes and give money in a white envelope for funeral costs28. Malay/Muslim funerals are quick, within 24 hours, and dress is modest28. Indian/Hindu funerals often choose cremation, with special prayers and offerings, and wear white or light colors28. Christian funerals in Singapore have a somber dress code, include church services, and often send or bring flowers for the deceased.

Respecting the right funeral customs in Singapore shows respect for the deceased and their family28. It helps keep cultural practices alive and supports community unity28. When attending a funeral, be aware of the family’s traditions. Offerings can include money in white envelopes for Chinese, help or food for Malay/Muslim, flowers for Indian/Hindu, and flowers, cards, or small gifts for Christian families282627.

The Cost of Funeral Wake Services in Singapore

Dealing with the costs of funeral wake services in Singapore can be tough for families in their time of sorrow29. But, 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offers kind and affordable choices to remember a loved one.

The price for a funeral in Singapore can be between $4,000 to $11,00029. Adding a funeral director can cost an extra $4,000 to $8,000 or more29. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore has clear prices and payment plans. This makes sure affordable funerals singapore and funeral services singapore fit everyone’s budget.

This company also helps with costs beyond the funeral29. A lawyer to make a will costs $200 to $500, and a Certificate of Cause of Death is $250 to $300. If you need to bring a loved one back to Singapore, it can cost $5,000 to $15,000 or more29. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore helps families with these costs, making things easier during a hard time.

They also consider religious and cultural choices30. For Buddhists, prices start at $6088 for 3 days and $6588 for 5 days. Taoist services are $8088 for 3 days30. For Roman Catholic, Christian, and Freethinker services, prices are from $5088 to $5588, based on the service length30. Soka Gakkai and simple direct cremation services start at $5088 and $1588, respectively30. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore makes sure families know about affordable funerals singapore options and helps with planning.

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore helps ease the financial stress31. Christian funeral packages cost between S$4,519.16 to S$5,891.20, and Taoist packages range from S$8,214.36 to S$9,778.0831. Non-religious (Freethinker) packages are about S$4,344.50 to S$6,124.99, with a two-day service costing around S$3,999.0031. They also include the cost of a coffin, cremation, and flowers in their funeral costs singapore.

With clear prices, flexible payments, and custom funeral packages, 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore aims to reduce the financial stress of affordable funerals singapore. This lets families focus on celebrating their loved one’s life with respect and love293031.

Pre-Planning Funeral Wakes: A Thoughtful Approach

In Singapore, most funerals are big and can last up to a week. This shows the island’s mix of cultures and traditions32. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore suggests pre-planning funeral wakes. This thoughtful step gives peace of mind and helps loved ones during loss. By planning ahead, people can make sure their wishes are followed, and their families don’t have to worry about the funeral arrangements.

The company guides clients with care and sensitivity in the planning process. They got the ISO 9001:2015 certification for their high service quality, being the first funeral company in Singapore to do so33. They also won the Singapore Brands award in 2014 for their dignified farewell services33.

Planning a funeral wake in advance has many benefits. It lets people decide on the ceremony type, location, and even the casket or urn they want. This way, it helps grieving families focus on celebrating the life of their loved one instead of dealing with funeral plans.

By planning ahead, people can make sure their personal and cultural wishes are respected. In Singapore, secular funerals focus on celebrating life. They include eulogies, stories, and memories to honor the person’s life, achievements, and relationships32.

Planning ahead can also save money. It lets people arrange services at today’s prices, avoiding unexpected costs later. Many choose cremation for its cost-effectiveness, using basic coffins for direct cremation to save money32.

Pre-planning a funeral wake in Singapore means final wishes are followed and loved ones get support during tough times. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore helps families through this process with compassion and expertise. They aim to create a meaningful and personal farewell323334.


As we wrap up our look at funeral wake services in Singapore, it’s clear they’re key in supporting families through loss. 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore honors the deceased with dignity and respect. They also offer emotional and practical help to those grieving35.

The company customizes funeral plans, considering religious and cultural beliefs, and offers pre-planning. This way, families can say goodbye in a way that honors their loved one’s life. Knowing about Buddhist funerals and funeral reception manners is key to supporting the bereaved3634.

The goal of funeral wake services in Singapore is to help families cope with grief and loss. They respect various cultures while offering tailored support. This makes these services crucial in the community, offering healing and meaningful experiences for those who need them353634.


What services does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offer?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore provides many funeral wake services. These include traditional religious ceremonies and personalized celebrations of life. They also offer cremation and burial services, grief counseling, and emotional support for families.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore guide families through the funeral planning process?

The funeral directors at 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore help clients by understanding their needs and preferences. They also consider the budget. Then, they make all the necessary arrangements, like picking a venue, catering, and transportation.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore ensure that the funeral wake reflects the unique personality and life story of the deceased?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore creates personalized celebrations of life with families. They include elements that honor the interests and passions of the loved one. This ensures a meaningful and memorable farewell.

What emotional support services does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore offer?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore provides grief counseling and emotional support. They help families and individuals deal with loss. They offer a safe space for feelings and guidance to help with healing.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore accommodate religious and cultural customs for funerals in Singapore?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore knows how to handle the complex religious and cultural customs for funerals in Singapore. They work with families to make sure all rituals and practices are followed.

How does 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore ensure affordable funeral services in Singapore?

24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore has affordable funeral packages. They work with families to match services with their budget. They offer clear pricing and flexible payment options to reduce financial stress during a tough time.

What are the benefits of pre-planning a funeral wake with 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore?

Pre-planning a funeral wake with 24 Filial Funeral Services Singapore brings peace of mind. It also helps ease the burden on loved ones during loss. It lets individuals document their preferences and make arrangements ahead. This ensures their final wishes are followed.

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