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Filial 24h Funeral is a one-stop funeral service provider in singapore

We have been serving both local and international clients for many years, delivering fitting memorial services across different religious affiliations and economic standing through an affordable funeral cost in Singapore. We believe that everyone must have decent and honourable funeral rites. We share every bereaved family’s who wish to send off their departed loved ones with a proper funeral service. Religious (Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, etc) funeral services, customised funeral service, and flexible funeral services cost can be provided to cater to each family needs.

Religous Funeral

Singapore’s diverse racial background has resulted in a multitude of religious beliefs. Filial 24h Funeral provides services for every family with different religious beliefs. With our offered packages, we aim to be a one-stop funeral home for both religious and non-religious families in Singapore.

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Personalized Funeral

Everyone is a unique individual who deserve a well-thought-out funeral that is able to show ones’ individuality and also satisfy their wants.

We have a professional team whom will do their best to cater to your requirement and needs for a customized funeral. We would need to have a session with you to have a better understanding of your beloved before we can proceed to customise the funeral.

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Green Funeral

There are few people who wanted to leave this world without leaving a trace, by trace we mean carbon footprints. Yes, some people wanted their memorial service to be as safe for the environment as possible, leaving no waste after the wake. Therefore, we offer green funeral services for a more eco-friendly memorial send-off.

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Embalming and cosmetology services

Professional embalming and cosmetology services included

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Why Choose Filial 24H Funeral Singapore

Looking for an affordable and reasonable funeral services cost that will not compromise the memorial package? Filial 24H Funeral Directors does just that. We offer flexible funeral packages that cater to various religious beliefs, economic status, and individual preferences to meet the demand of every client for their departed loved ones. We want to make every funeral rites as solemn and heartfelt as possible. With a team of dedicated and experienced funeral service providers, rest assured that your loved one’s send-off is as best as it can be.

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